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Loic Damour: Cardiff City’s Midfielder Move to Hearts Seems to Edge Closer


It’s right to note that the Frenchman is most likely excluded in Neil Warnock plan anytime soon. Thus a move to Edinburgh could be a possibility. There has been a lot of buzz in the media houses about the possible transfers. Off late, Hearts are said to be in discussions over Loic Damour, Cardiff city’s midfielder. As it seems, an agreement might occur anytime soon, and the star will join his new club. 

This is great news to punters. See, apart from playing online games at Unibet, many gamblers find it easy to leverage the freebies offered in betting sites. For a long time, football transfer news tends to be a deciding factor on which teams to place bets on. 

Look: Craig Levein, the Hearts manager, seems to want more options for the middle positions and has made it a priority. He has jumped in to secure the player since Loic’s current boss does not seem to have any future plans for him. The bottom line remains at finding a new club. Hopefully, that could be Hearts. 

Tynecastle could be his destination, however with the two bosses close to settling a deal that would see the midfielder play for Hearts on a season-long loan agreement. Nonetheless, the Hearts are still on the wait for a decision from Glenn Whelan, The Republic of Ireland international. 

To Hearts, this would be a plus. The middle park would have more power and control when facing other clubs. However, fans have shown different reactions to the possible move of the midfielder to Hearts. This could have been brought about by the fact that most of them want their favorite team to emerge victorious so that their live bets could bear fruits. 

Truly, a fan would be happy if their club gets a new member. At the same time, the fans of the club that sells a player would be angered if the best club sauce is taken away from them. This would mean more defeats and less or no wins at all. But it is about time fans learn that you should simply bet on the team you think is the best for you. Make use of all the bonuses offered. 

In addition, you should be limited to sports betting. There is a lot offered in the online world. Check out the various games on online casinos and play as you wait for the battle between your favorite team and your bets shall bear fruits. 

Nevertheless, you have learned that Levein is setting his team to solicit Neil on the midfielder. Something good is yet to be announced. Also, the defender is yet to express his opinion on this. Signing Damour would actually a plus and a great improvement in an area where the Hearts possess little experience. 

Little known to many, Strasbourg is where Damour began his career. Later on, he moved between France and Belgium but finally headed to Cardiff in 2017. 

Photo by Jannik Skorna on Unsplash

Bottom Line

It would be a sure plus for the Hearts to sing Damour. Fans would be the happiest, and the results would probably begin to become better. Therefore, just keep in the loop with football transfer updates, and you would get the full reports soon. In the meantime, enjoy online stuff on casinos as you sign up on betting platforms. During the season, you should only place your bets and not trying to register. Do it now, do not wait for that moment.

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