Police investigate footage of overtaking sports car driver who almost causes head-on


POLICE are investigating shocking footage of a sports convertible with metal poles sticking out of the back narrowly avoid a head-on smash.

The driver of the Mazda MX5 pulls out to overtake a van near a junction and crosses white hazard markings in the middle of the road.

Spotting the dashcam car in the other lane, the Mazda driver emergency brakes, creating a large cloud of smoke, and pulls across just in time.

Adding to the danger of the manoeuvre, the open-top vehicle appears to have a large, metal-framed object sticking out of the back.

The footage was captured on Friday by Lee Robinson, from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, who accused the Mazda driver of almost “killing” him.

Lee uploaded the video to Facebook the same day with the caption: “Does anybody know who the Blue MX5?

“Please share this video as I would love to meet him once again for a nice little chat.”

Lee said the incident happened on the B1398 between Kirton in Lindsey and the Hemswell roundabout.

The video shows that Lee was forced to pull to one side to avoid being hit by the Mazda.

Bizarrely, the Mazda has a metal frame sticking several feet into the air from behind the seats. It appears to be made of thin sections of metal.

Convertible near miss
Police are investigating the potentially deadly incident

Paul Christopher Paul Beaumont wrote under Lee’s post: “What a k**b rocket.”

Joanne Briscoe said: “Absolute b***end. At least you have the registration.”

Geoff Fullard wrote: “Guys a f**kwit.”

Adi Doney wrote: “I was the driver of the JCB van. I was slowing down to allow the car in front to turn left into the driveway, next thing I saw the MX5 come speeding up behind me in my wing mirror.

“Glad someone caught this idiot on dashcam. Funnily enough he didn’t try to over take me again.”

Speaking today, Lee said: “He could have killed me, if he had hit me because of his stupid driving. It was a very close call probably the closest I’ve ever had. Personally I hope he wraps it around a tree injuring only himself. The guy was driving like an idiot. I didn’t think I was coming home.”

A spokeswoman for Lincolnshire Police said: “We are investigating the incident raised by the footage.”

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