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Some tips for gaining your first Instagram followers



If you’re starting an Instagram account for your business, here are some tips for gaining your first social network followers.

It’s been a while since Instagram has outgrown the position of fun photo editing app, making it an important tool for Digital Marketing strategy.. As it embraced new features such as Stories and Ads, Instagram saw its growth take off: as of April 2017, there were 700 million users worldwide, leading it toward the 1 billion+ social networking group. users, which currently has Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. Its new features put more emphasis on video engagement so that when people buy Instagram video views, they are taking a step forward to achieve success.

Data like this shows that having a strategy on Instagram can be a good way to gain visibility, attraction and brand recognition for your business. If you are starting – or want to start – an account for your company on Instagram, here are some tips for gaining your first followers on the social network.

1. Switch to a business profile and optimise information If this tip sounds too fledgling, you can skip to the next item! But if we’re going to start with the basics, it’s important to complete and optimise some of your profile information before seeking followers. First, if you are a business, make your personal profile a business profile. It’s fast, simple and allows your account to have access to various information not available for personal profiles. Only one Facebook page is required. To do so, go to the Instagram settings page and click Switch to business profile. Accept the request to link your page to the app and fill in the phone, email and address information. This will help your customers get in touch. Also, look for a short, easy-to-remember username – if you already have one that’s not very good, you can change it.

2. Interact with your followers and other social network users An organic way to gain network followers is by following the accounts of partner companies and people you know in your market that are interesting to your business. After following them, interact with them by liking publications and commenting. This way, you also attract attention to your profile, exchange ideas and get inspired by the content of those who have been on the social network for the longest time. The idea, however, is to join the conversation by saying something interesting. Not only leave comments sending that “follow back”, which configures spam! Similarly, as you gain followers, interact with them. Show that you care by answering comments, following back the profiles that make sense, and engaging with the content you post.


3. Tell a story in the caption It’s not because Instagram is an image-driven social network that you need to put your subtitles aside. Take advantage of this space for text to tell an interesting story about your photos that complements them. This is a good opportunity to tell details that the image does not show and get engagement. Writing may seem difficult at first, but you will gradually develop a tone of voice for your Instagram business that will set it apart from others.

4. Search for high volume hashtags for posts on Instagram, hashtags play a big part in bringing together posts from users who are not logged in on a single page. So if you use relevant hashtags, your posts will be exposed to a wider audience than your followers and people who already know about your brand. Among the topics that relate to your business, look for the ones that are most popular. Just type a word preceded by # in Instagram search to see the number of posts. In doing so, social networking also suggests other similar hashtags.

The 4 tips above are the basic tips for reaching as many followers as possible. But if you don’t have enough time to do the tips, you can buy real Instagram followers.

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