4 Common stresses of medical school and how to cope with them


Medical school is widely known to be a stressful experience for students who want to become medical professionals. It can impact their mental and physical state negatively and sometimes ultimately cause their deaths.

It’s important to understand the stressors that come with medical school so you know how to handle it. Those who are medical students often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that has to be put in. 

Some believe that getting through medical school is what makes you a stronger medical professional. This is in fact incorrect as stress can affect a person long term, whether they no longer enjoy their work or aren’t capable of physically working.

Stress can lead to anxiety and depression, which is prominent in those who are studying medicine. Here are some of the common stressors of being in medical school and how you can cope with them.



The amount of work that goes into being a medical student is triple the amount that is required for someone studying communication or history. It is something you must prepare yourself for beforehand.

There are countless amounts of medical terminology that one is supposed to learn along with other essential information for medicine. Medical school is focused on teaching things that will need to be memorized and repeated later down the line. 

There is a struggle to find a balance between studying and enjoying your college career. The amount of work demanded by the school can lead to many complications with the student’s life. Whether it is regarding building relationships or making time for yourself, medical school can put a damper on the joys of life. It affects sleep schedules and behaviors, as well, and can contribute to increased tiredness and insomnia diagnosis. 


You can manage your workload by managing your time. Plan ahead what you need to do and give yourself reasonable deadlines. Try not to stress about your stress and make time for your relationships. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a little break in between workloads. 


There are multiple forms of pressure that medical students receive that can take the stress. The pressure of parents and friends combined with the pressures of school can be detrimental to a student’s mental state. A person can feel demanded by their personal life and their work life and not be able to balance it well, especially if they are new to medical school. 

When a student is close to completion, they are exposed to the pressures of actually finding a position in their field. Once a student has the appropriate credentials for their desired position, using job searching sites specific to medical professionals to find an open placement is ideal. 

Cope with the pressures of medical school with planning ahead and already having a position set up for when you graduate. Don’t run away from your relationships as they are there to be your support. Use them. 

Financial Issues

Financial issues are also a common stressor for those who are in medical school. It can be a burden to have to put yourself into so much debt by studying medicine. Though some medical students aren’t required to pay back their loans until months after they graduate, it can still cause stress to think about how much you are responsible for. This is a common struggle among most college students

It could also be difficult for medical students to find time for jobs to fund their academics due to the workload. It can be hard to cope with financial stress. It can be helpful not to dwell on your financial issues, especially if you are busy with studying. Ask for help if you can and use your support system for advice and guidance or to simply get away from your problems for a while. 


Competition can be another reason for stress in medical school. Because it is so competitive, it can be stressful to try and keep up with the others. This also implements the dangers of comparing yourself to others which contributes to your mental health negatively. Anxiety and depression can be results of thinking you aren’t good enough or capable. Remember to notate your accomplishments and recognize them. It is good to be competitive, but don’t discredit your hard work becasue you aren’t at the top of the class, per se. 


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