Hilarious moment tiny Everton fan caught singing rude chant by his dad


HILARIOUS video shows a potty-mouthed young football fan singing his heart out to an Everton chant.

The video shows the tiny Evertonian singing a chant for Everton forward and Brazillian national player Richarlison.

The moment was caught on camera by dad Connor Bowen and has since appeared on the footballer’s Instagram page.

The video begins with Connor filming from the window as his son prepares to kick the ball.

The youngster can be heard singing at the top of his voice: “He’s Brazillian, he only cost £50 million.”

As he comes to the chant’s foul mouthed conclusion, he raises his fists and shouts: “And we think he’s f****** brilliant.”

The youngster starts clapping and and finishes by kicking the ball shouting: “Richarlison!”

The adorable scene was posted by Connor on Twitter yesterday with the caption:

“He’s only been to the game once, I shouldn’t laugh.”

The video has since gone viral clocking up nearly 123,000 views online.

Fellow Everton fans have reacted with amusement to clip.

The youngster starts clapping and and finishes by kicking the ball shouting: “Richarlison!”

Colette Caroll wrote: “Aww look, another cute little Evertonian … (press play, turns up volume) Ohmigod! … His mum’s gonna go nuts when she hears!”

Ricky Rimmer added: “Hahaha says “f******” like a proper blue. Is right!”

And Victoria Carlin said: “If my future child doesn’t turn out like that then I’ve failed as a parent.”

Richarlison de Andrade has become a firm favourite with Everton supporters who created the chant based on a reworking of the Oasis classic ‘She’s Electric’ in October last year.

The full chant sung is: “He’s Brazilian, he only cost £50 million, and we think he’s f****** brilliant, Richarlison!”

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