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Why can you play 24 Hours and good things about this game


In the present world, with the introduction of social media, many youngsters and people from different walks of life are uploading different videos on youtube showcasing their talents in different fields.

Videos are uploaded on youtube ranging from different genres which may include technology, gaming challenges, and many other videos.

Among the posted videos on the social media platform, the 24 hours challenge is the most famous and attracting a large crowd from different parts of the world. No other gaming challenge has attracted the subscribers, the way this gaming challenge has done. In this article you will get to know about the various aspects of this gaming challenge and the platform social media is providing for these attractive gaming challenges.


Introduction to the game challenge

24 hours is a very popular gaming challenge that is encouraging many youngsters to take up this challenge for once.

The good thing about this challenge is that it gives mysterious results and some kind of thrill.

In this gaming challenge, one of the Hosts, whosoever it may be will first introduce you about the rules of the game and about the things one has to do in this challenge.

Then the person, who is going to take up this challenge, will be given mermaid clothes and then you will have to wear it, once you wear that mermaid cloth or suit you will have to spend 24 hours swimming in the pool completing different types of challenges.

It is very interesting and after you are done with this challenge, you will be shown the videos about what you were doing and any funny things you did. It is full of mystery and thrilling activities.

Reasons for playing 24 hour game

There are various reasons for playing this game, produced and managed by game master network and some of them are

Enhances memory

While playing the game you will have to adhere to some instructions, which you will have to follow so by taking up this game challenge improves your memory both in short term and long term. This helps in recalling the instructions better and improves reflexes.

Improves problem-solving

In this game, as you know that there are various instructions so every move requires careful thinking to ensure that you stay within the required rules of the game. The game requires making split decisions that determine whether or not you will advance to the next level.

Great source of learning

As this game includes different types of challenges, which are innovative and requires good decision-making skills so it gives you a good amount of knowledge about different strategies to be made to win the challenge. The challenges are designed by the game master network in such a way that it improves cognitive and creative skills.

Enhances multitasking skills

Since it is an action game you are required to be very observant and check your energy levels too. It builds multitasking skills as one has to be mentally and physically robust to win this game and one also requires maintaining concentration level throughout.

Improves brain speed

While taking up this challenge designed by game master network the brain receives multiple stimulations, it is both visual and audile. It was shown according to research that individuals who play this 24 hour game can produce the brain stimulations faster than others. These stimulators ensure that the brain is working to interpret them.

Improves social skills

The physical game of 24 hours enables many players to engage in a team activity. Most of the challenges in this game involve team challenges and most of the persons who take up this challenge are divided into the teams. It boosts bonding between the teams and also improves the team management skills.

It slows down the aging process

Because of this game challenging nature, it involves problem-solving, memory building and has a positive benefit on the persons taking up this game. It slows down the aging method and increases the cognitive functioning in participants.

Characteristics of the 24 hours game

  1. Natural environment is present

Unlike other spy games which involve the presence of computers and laptops, in this 24 hour game, the surroundings in which the game will be played are open and not confined. as these games involve high energy levels so it involves swimming pool, which is just as all the challenges are either in the pool or on the lawn.

  1. Variety of challenges

Various Kinds of challenges are given once the game begins. In the game, one has to show his energy levels throughout the game because the challenges which are designed can test one’s physical and mental endurance as one has to remain alive throughout the 1 day or 24 hours.

  1. Interesting challenges

In the 24 hour game, various kind of interesting challenges are given for example the players will be given the dress of mermaid and they will have to wear the dress of mermaid and then they will have to swim and then they will be asked to complete a challenge. The task is challenging because while swimming in the mermaid dress, which is very tight and doesn’t allow swift movements.

Top games similar to 24 hour

There are various kinds of games which are similar to the 24 hour game and have received the popularity similar to the game and some of these games are

24 hour alpha protocol

In this game similar to the 24 hour game, many characters are involved and take place in the open environment but the fields. In this game, various kind of different challenges are given and you will have to complete the challenge and after the challenge gets complete then someone will take the videos of the activities you have done and then will show the mysterious incidents happened while you were doing the challenge.


Finally, it can be inferred from the above article that the 24 hours game is a very exciting game which is not only thrilling but full of mysteries as well.



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