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The Best Female Golf Players


The first-time-ever mention of golf appears in Odyssey. Homer described in detail how Princess Nausica was playing it on a beach with other women.

All historical records show that women were not allowed to play golf with men and by themselves.

In 1567, Mary Queen of Scots lost her head after playing golf. She was expected to mourn her husband for at least a decade, but she decided to try herself in golf two days after the death of her husband. 

Despite prohibitions, some women found the way to play this game and become pros. Thankfully, in many countries right now, female golf players are full-fledged members of golf clubs. No one makes fun of them and cuts their heads for enjoying the game. 

Golf shop online offers a wide variety of equipment made for ladies. And golf clubs all around the world are putting a lot of effort to attract more women. According to the statistics, only 26.5% of golf players are women. 

Here you can find the list of female professional golf players who want to empower other women and prove that golf is not only for men:

Annika Sorenstam

Annika Sorenstam after hitting the ball at Royal Birkdale (C) Cath Mudford/ Wikimedia Commons

Annika Sorenstam was born and raised in Bro, Sweden. In childhood, she played tennis and football professionally. At the age of 12, Annika switched to golf and never looked back. When she was still a teenager, she was too shy to give a speech after the tournament. The female golfer wasn’t afraid to play in front of the crowd, but she couldn’t even imagine talking to them. Eventually, she managed to overcome this problem with a psychologist. In 1992, Annika Sorenstam became the World Amateur champion. 

She planned to study in Sweden initially, but she moved to the United States to play golf at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Later on, Annika became the first non-American to win the individual NCAA Division I Championship. She was just 21 years old at that time. 

With time, she became an entrepreneur and developed her own brand called ANNIKA. In 2007, Sorenstam opened the ANNIKA Academy in Florida where she has been teaching others how to play golf. The motto of her empire is ‘Share My Passion.’

Annika Sorenstam is regarded as one of the best golfers in history. In 2008, she announced to the press about her retirement. 

Mickey Wright

Mickey Wright was born in 1935 in San Diego, California. She has always been interested in golf. Mickey was mastering her skills while still at University.

Before Annika Sorenstam came into the game, Wright was considered the best female golfer in history. In 2009, the Golf Digest magazine ranked her as the ninth greatest golfer in the world (heroes should never be forgotten). 

She won 82 times, including the LPGA Championship. Even the golf legend Ben Hogan has been praising Wright’s swing and her strong character. 

Kathy Whitworth

Kathy Whitworth is an American professional golfer; she was born in 1939 in Monahans, Texas. Kathy began playing golf when she was barely fifteen years old.

She was so passionate about it that at the age of 19, Whitworth became a professional golf player. In 1958, she joined The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). 

She was called the best LPGA Player of the Year seven times in a row! The Golf magazine named Kathy Whitworth the ‘golfer of the decade.’

In 1990, she became the team captain at the Solheim Cup ( biennial golf tournament for professional women golfers) match. 

After competing in the BJ’s Charity Classic in 2005, the female golfer announced her retirement; she was 66 years old at that time. These days, Kathy Whitworth lives in Texas. Sometimes she plays golf with other seniors just for fun. As she said, it’s time for youth to take the lead. 



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