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5 Top Benefits of Driving an SUV


SUVs have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years with a wide range of motorists trading in their smaller vehicles for these much larger, more durable and highly practical vehicles. So, what is the reason for the rise of SUVs in recent years? Read on to find out.

  1. Size

The most obvious benefit of driving an SUV is the size. You are able to comfortably carry more passengers than most normal sized vehicles and there is usually ample room for storage either in the cabin or in the boot. This makes them particularly well-suited to families but also anyone that regularly needs to transport multiple people and/or equipment/shopping/pets etc.


  1. Comfort

The added size and high-quality interiors found in SUVs like the Nissan Qashqai allow for a great deal of comfort for everyone on board – you can find this model available for sale at places like Peter Vardy. Comfort is important for anyone that spends a lot of time inside a vehicle, so it is easy to see why so many people are switching to SUVs.


  1. Safety

SUVs are, generally, safer than other vehicles on the road which is another reason that they are popular with families. In addition to the size and strength of the vehicles, many now also come with a wide range of impressive safety features which can make motoring much safer and reduce the likelihood of an injury or collision.


  1. Off-Road Ability

Those that lead active lifestyles will also benefit from the off-road capability that you get with SUVs. These vehicles have high ground clearance, impressive suspension systems, 4×4 driving and various other features that allow you to easily and safely conquer all kinds of terrain and drive in otherwise difficult conditions.


  1. Efficiency

You may not think of SUVs as being particularly efficient vehicles, especially when compared to some smaller cars on the road, but they have become much more efficient in recent years and this will only improve in the future. This ensures that you are able to keep costs low while reducing damage done to the environment.


These are the main reasons that SUVs have become so popular in recent times. As you can see, they are particularly well-suited to families but also anyone that is looking for a vehicle which allows them to transport groups and/or luggage safely, efficiently and in style whether this is on the highway or off-road.

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