COMEDY – Daniel Muggleton: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (But I Reckon it’s Easier for Straight, White Men?)


Presented in a lazy Aussie drawl, Daniel Muggleton: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (But I Reckon it’s Easier for Straight, White Men?) functions as a perfectly serviceable hour of stand-up but suffers from a lack of distinct character or flavour.

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Daniel ‘Dan’ Muggleton presents himself visually as a standard mopey hipster, while spending significant chunks of the show parodying this culture.

This self-depreciation was later targeted at the audience themselves in the counting house on Sunday (25 Aug).

Muggleton spends much of the rest of the show tackling identity politics, addressing the hypocrisy of discussing the plight of minorities while taking away an opportunity for members of such groups to do the same through his very presence onstage.

The primary issue with this performance is the lack of memorability. It’s Muggleton’s personality that stays in your mind rather than his message or comedic capability, but this struggles to pull the show along on its own.

All things considered, unlike many other fringe shows, there is absolutely no moment of unintentional discomfort or awkwardness which certainly deserves merit.

Everything is perfectly palatable and entertaining, but it’s hard not to come away from the show feeling a little uninspired and grey.

Show Information

Venue: The Counting House – The Lounge

Dates: Past

Times: 16:00

More Info: Here

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