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How Locks and Keys Have Developed Over The Period


What are Locks and Keys

Lock and Keys are a combination of systems and mechanical parts that keeps information or documents secured. Locks are generally stored in the container to keep the information within. Keys are the driving force that can open up the lock schematics.

The key is primarily metal with materials like brass, nickel silver, and a few others. One key open several locks or just one that matches up markings of its teeth.

When was the first lock and key invented? Why?

The first version of a lock and key came from Ancient Egypt. This version was made of wooden materials.

The Ancient Egyptians created the mechanism to make a security bolt. The first Ancient civilizations created locks and keys as a show of wealth.

The reason for this is only the wealthy could afford this security. The upper class had them to protect their valuables from thieves and intruders.

Locks and keys were formed at the same time, without one the other is useless.

How the idea of a lock and key changed over time.

A older lock and key system

The Ancient civilizations had made them in a simplistic design. The ideas of a lock and key morphed into higher and better security protection. The Ancient Romans had designed the earliest form of a combination lock.

Combination locks took further transformation with James Sargent’s help in 1857. He invented the first key-changeable combination lock. James also created the first lock that only opens at a certain time including time-delay locks.

These inventions were invented in 1873 and 1880. During the late 20th century the idea of the lock opening for a certain person started. Tor Sornes placed a patent on the first electronic keycard in 1975. The electronic keys and locks then took off in different formats and systems.

Science and technology want to further the advancement of lock and keys to new heights. Currently, the lock and keys of the 21st century are biometric scans of the fingers, digital passwords to enter the system, keycards still, and facial recognition. The future is looking to opening a door unlocking a phone, system, doors, safes with just the voices alone.

It won’t take the need of the classic tumbler lock with it perfect key, it just another way to keep information secure.

Different types of keys and locks

There are several types of locks and digital and physical keys based:


  • Bicycle lock
  • Cam lock
  • Chamber lock
  • Child safety lock
  • Chubb detector lock
  • Combination lock
  • Cylinder lock
  • Deadbolt
  • Electric strike
  • Electronic lock
  • Lever tumbler lock
  • Lock screen
  • Luggage lock
  • Magnetic keyed lock
  • Magnetic lock
  • Mortise lock
  • Padlock
  • Pin tumbler lock
  • Police lock
  • Protector lock
  • Rim lock
  • Time lock

What are Skeleton Keys and how does it work with locks?

Skeleton keys are known as warded keys. These keys are mainly used on warded locks. Warded locks are still in use today but only found in historic museums and sites. Warder keys are keys that have their teeth grinding down flat but still presenting the notches.

The notches then become one single notch that can maneuver any ward to opens. Back then these keys were the best when it came to getting in and out the castles and cells. Warded locks were heavily decorated as well for the high-class and wealthy. Stylish, these locks still protected if a skeleton key isn’t around.

The modern-day skeleton key variant is a master key, though depending on where it works in an area.

Where can one obtain a lock and key?

Obtaining a lock and key is relatively easy depending on what you need it for. Just for a regular padlock or combination one can head over to a local store. If one is searching for a sturdy lock and key set then going to a professional locksmith or facility is an option.

People living in London may want to search for a locksmith in London. A locksmith in London would understand the locks of the region better by providing fast and reliable service as compared to a person doing it with.

There is a locksmith in London called London Locksmith 24h. This company works on servicing doors, repairing locks, replacing, and anything that surrounds the locks and keys.


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