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New on Netflix America: Movies, TV Shows, and Originals


Netflix is a service that’s available in over 130 countries and enjoys millions of users watching TV shows and movies that it has available every day. People across the world have given up their old-fashioned TV in favor of Netflix and its streaming services.

However, you may know that Netflix has a content availability issue depending on the region you are in. For example, Netflix US has more than 5,500 TV shows and movies, a lot of which you can’t watch if you are in other regions.

This is why American Netflix has, by far, one of the largest libraries of movies and TV shows in the world. Today, we’ll take a look at what’s new on Netflix America – what movies you should check out, what TV shows you could pick up, and what Netflix Originals you should definitely watch.

Netflix America Library

Before talking about the new TV shows and movies, it is important that we look at the number of titles that are available in the US. When buying a Netflix subscription, most people think that they have everything available and ready to watch, only to later find that they lack that one movie or TV show that they really wanted to watch.

For example, the country with the most available titles at the moment is Japan, with about 6,000 titles. It is followed by the US, Canada, and then the UK. When compared to the US, Netflix UK falls short by about 500 TV shows and movies.

Naturally, those 500 shows are not some that people would gladly miss or not watch at all. These are usually high-budget movies/titles that could make a great addition to the watchlist of every movie/TV show enthusiast.

This is the main reason why Netflix America has the upper hand when compared to the rest of the world that has Netflix available.

New on Netflix America

Now that we’ve got the statistics out of the way, it’s time to check out the new stuff that you can watch on Netflix America.

  • 13 Reasons Why

The most recent addition to Netflix America is the 3rd season of the infamous 13 Reasons Why. After the 2nd season’s ending, which was a massive cliffhanger, the drama TV show plans on revealing what will happen to Jensen and his classmates after the failed school shooting.

Given the popularity of this show, it’s no surprise that people all over the world want to watch it and find out what will happen next.

  • The Congress

The Congress is an animated movie that tells the story of a film star who agreed to have her digital image recorded and reused in future films. It is labeled as a surreal drama and stars Robin Wright and Harvey Keitel, among others.

Moreover, it comes with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of over 3.5 stars.

  • Hero Mask

Hero Mask is a Netflix Original show that comes in the form of a Japanese-style animation. The second season has recently been added to the platform.

The show explores a world of fiction, with several mysterious deaths, and with a prosecutor and an agent trying to find out more about a conspiracy revolving around a new piece of technology, bio-masks.

  • American Factory

Another Netflix Original, American Factory is the first documentary in a series that plans to show us a culture clash taking place in Ohio after a new company is opened by a Chinese billionaire.

The documentary becomes much more interesting to watch when you know that the company producing it, Higher Ground, is owned by the Obamas’.

  • Mindhunter

You’re probably already familiar with this one. It is an excellent, twisted and dark drama series, and it has now returned with a second season. The overall story has Jonathan Groff as the centerpiece. He is an FBI agent that tries to get inside the minds of some of the most notorious serial killers in the world. 

  • GLOW

The 3rd season of GLOW has recently popped up on Netflix America. This time, Geena Davis joins the cast of this comedy that follows a group of actresses who try to build a wresting show, all the way back in the 1980s.

For this season, the action will be moved to Las Vegas, where Ruth and Debbie will try to handle a nightly stage show.

(C) Tdorante10
  • Gangs of New York

This 2002 movie has been recently added to Netflix America’s database. It comes with a 4/5 rating on Rotten Tomatoes and with 3.5/5 on Metacritic. In short, it’s a good movie.

It follows the story of Amsterdam Vallon, a vengeful orphan who decided to join a New York gang. Naturally, this is not everything about it. The leader of that gang is Bill the Butcher, who Vallon knows as his father’s killer. 

  • Love Alarm

Love Alarm is a Korean production and has, so far, only one season. It is a Netflix Original and seems to be quite popular among the American users of the platform. 

The TV show introduces us to a world where, if someone in your vicinity likes you, an app will tell you. This will clearly make for some interesting interaction between the characters and much more.

The Bottom Line

In July 2019, over 200 titles had been added to Netflix America and in August, around 150. Moreover, roughly 20 titles are being added to the platform each week – movies, TV shows, and Netflix Originals that are ready to blow your mind.

It is clear that Netflix is on its way to becoming the center stage of the VoD streaming world. Soon enough, classic TV stations will have nothing else to do but tell us the latest news and such. 

Nowadays, Netflix is the way to go if you want to see the best movies and TV shows out there. However, keep in mind that shows do get removed sometimes. So, if you have something that you really want to watch, you should do so quickly so that you don’t miss it.

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