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Does Sleep Affect Your Success?


Have you ever given a thought about the sleeping habits of your favorite celebs? It seems like a bit of a strange take on the usual celebrity gossip, but it can be a fascinating topic on its own. It seems that having loads of cash is no guarantee that you’ll sleep well every night.

A lot of famous people cut back on sleep every night and pack more into their waking hours. Is that the right course for you? Perhaps you can survive on just four hours a night like Florence Nightingale or Donald Trump.

Or maybe you need a full eight-hours sleep? If we look at the sleeping habits of famous people throughout history, one thing becomes clear. Every person is an individual and sleeps according to their own schedule.

Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash

So should you get eight hours or burn the candles at both ends? That is going to depend on you and what works best for you. It will mainly depend, I’d imagine, on how easily you can fall asleep at night. If you battle with your brain switching off at night, you’ll probably be the type of person who wants one long sleep session.

If, on the other hand, you find it easy to fall asleep but hard to stay asleep, a more relaxed sleep schedule might work better for you where you have a couple of shorter sessions spaced out.

It does seem that the more successful people in the world are able to get by on less sleep. Is that because they are highly motivated and can work through sleep deprivation, or simply that they won the genetic lottery and don’t need nearly as much sleep as the rest of us?

At the moment, it’s a question that baffles science. What do you think that the answer is?

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