Heavy Goofs Vehicle – lorry driver suffers parking fail followed by crash just NINE seconds later


HILARIOUS video shows an HGV driver’s journey from hell as he suffers an incompetent parker followed seconds later by another car crashing into him.

Geoff Whellams’ bad day at the office begins with a motorist failing miserably to parallel park and taking a long time over it.

Just nine seconds after getting underway again, Geoff’s journey gets dramatically worse as a driver tries to cut in front, collides with him, and is shunted into bollards.

One social media user commented: “This video just keeps on giving”.

Geoff, from Manchester, was driving in the Cheetham Hill area of the city on June 25 when the gods of motoring spectacularly took against him.

He got round to posting the clip on social media on Wednesday, writing: “This is a demonstration of some expert parking in a tiny parking spot, followed by another driver demonstrating ‘spacial awareness’ and good use of mirrors.”

He added: “She then expertly parked on the pavement. I was most impressed. This is Cheetham hill. This sort of driving is the norm.

“The police were a few cars behind her. But they were more concerned about the street furniture.”

At the beginning of the dash cam video a white Lexus can be seen trying to bay park at the side of Cheetham Hill Road whilst Geoff waits behind in his HGV vehicle to pass,

The attempt to bay park does not go well, and eventually the Lexus moves on to allow drivers to continue up the road.

The Toyota, which is in the lane to turn right, pulls in front of him with no warning and the small car collides side on with Geoff’s HGV.

As Geoff heads off towards green traffic lights ahead a driver in a silver Toyota decides to change lanes.

The Toyota, which is in the lane to turn right, pulls in front of him with no warning and the small car collides side on with Geoff’s HGV.

The HGV then pushes the car horizontally as it continues to accelerate, and then it mounts the pavement and crashes into a stone bollard.

One viewer responded: “I can’t watch anymore of this… they need to hand their licence in and get a f******* bus.”

Another social media user said: “Cheetham Hill is like driving through the jungle. No rules, most of the drivers doing what they want, when they want.”

Someone else agreed, writing: “People round there can not even walk straight let alone drive! Should level the dump and start again!”

On man joked: This video just keeps on giving. Looks like you need danger money driving through there.”

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