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How to Start Fundraising Online


Fundraising campaigns for good causes need to be run as cheaply as possible so that the largest portion of the money raised goes to the cause it is meant for. There are ways of doing fundraising online that will not cost a fortune, and here are a few hints to help you to reach your target.

Specialised Sites

There are sites that specialise in making non-profit fundraising simple. They will advise you on the best way to move forward with your campaign and have several options available. They have gone a long way to proving that raising funds online can be effective, although they will also give you information about more traditional fundraising methods such as charity events, dinner dances, cycle rides, marathons, outings and concerts.

You do need to be aware that although the fees are not huge, some specialist sites will charge you for their help.

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Building a Dedicated Site

If you want to set up your own dedicated website to fundraise, there are ways of doing this for free. For Instance, WordPress, which happens to be one of the most popular resources for building a website, can be downloaded without spending any money.

You will be guided through the process and given options of templates to choose from. Once the website is built, it needs a host. Onyx, which was developed in the UK, is not one of the most expensive hosts but it is a specialist in hosting WordPress sites. A well-hosted site will get a better response than one that has a lot of downtime and is slow to load.

Get Your Message Out There

Whether you use one of the specialist sites or set up your own website, you need to get your message to the people that will donate. One of the cheapest ways to do this is through social media. It can be very time-consuming to be effective, but you may be amazed by the response you get.

Make a few posts that people share with their friends, who then share it with their friends and so it goes on until before you know it many thousands of social media users have seen your fundraising attempts.

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Make Them Feel Good

It is a fact that although people want to help a good cause, they also do it because it makes them feel good about themselves. This is not a bad thing. Humans of a caring nature will care about the well-being of others, and if they get a warm glow from helping them, that is not to be ashamed of. It works the other way too. If someone is on a really tight budget and cannot make a donation, they will often feel bad because they couldn’t help.

Make sure your post stipulates how much they will be helping whatever you are fundraising for to help with the feel-good factor and you will get more donations.

The Explosion of Online Fundraising

Online fundraising has increased dramatically over the last few years. It is simple to get your message to the people who will make an online donation and just as simple for them to make the donation. In this busy world we live in, the easier things are to do, the better, which is probably the main reason for the growth in donations being made online.

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