Terrifying moment young girl “plays chicken” on dual carriageway


POLICE have released heart-stopping footage of two young girls crossing a dual carriageway – one of whom appears to play “chicken” with an approaching car.

The vehicle is forced to swerve out of the way of the girl as she casually saunters across the A75 near Collin, Dumfries and Galloway.

The clip was released by local police who condemned the “extremely dangerous” actions of the girls, warning serious injury or death was only avoided as a result of good fortune.

Locals pointed out that there is an underpass nearby, making the girls’ actions even more incomprehensible.

The clip, posted this morning, shows one of the girls quickly dash across the road while the other one casually walks across. Due to the second girl walking much slower, a grey BMW has to swerve into the other lane to avoid her.

The clip has sparked outrage on the Facebook post, all comments showing disgust for the pair of girls and their dangerous behaviour.

Mandy Groombridge commented: “Chicken will come to an end if a lorry gets close, as they may not be able to slow down quick enough, then where will they be? Think their families need to be shown what their stupid kids are doing for fun.”

Frances Shaw also said: “This looks more like she’s challenging the driver to move over with that saunter across the road, stupid and dangerous.”

Kimbo Nelson said: “Years ago when I was in primary a boy my class was killed playing this. His friends and family were devastated as was the driver. Kids really don’t think of the consequences of it all these days and the effects it has on everyone.”

Locals have also made a point in explaining that the road does not need to be crossed due to a tunnel that runs under the dual carriageway, designed specifically for pedestrian use.

Police released the shocking footage as a warning

Debs Duncan has said: “How stupid of them to b doing that. They look an age to know better.”

Rebecca Rumble also said: “I see people walking across there all the time. Although not quite so stupidly. There’s an underpass people can use there too so there’s no need to cross there.”

Donal O Connor also commented saying: “Unfortunately it happens, even here. Despite all your warnings they’ll still do it.”

Sergeant Jonny Edgar of the local Roads Policing Unit said:

“The footage shows the two girls having absolutely no regard for either their own safety or that of the car drivers involved. This behaviour can only be described as extremely dangerous and it is by good fortune alone that someone hasn’t been seriously injured or worse. I would encourage anyone witnessing behaviour like this to contact Police Scotland immediately”.