Light-fingered Amazon delivery man helps himself to customer’s property six seconds before the door is opened


AN angry Amazon customer has shared footage of a light-fingered delivery man “helping himself to my property” seconds before handing over his packages.

The clip shows the man with an armful of parcels rapidly inspecting an object in the porch as he waits for the door to be opened.

Just six seconds before the door is opened the delivery man pockets the item and assumes a innocent, friendly expression.

Luke Crane, from Dartford, Kent, today revealed the Amazon worker had helped himself to a box of matches during the petty theft.

Posting the clip to Amazon’s Facebook page, the 26-year-old control engineer asked: “Care to explain why your driver is helping himself to items on my property?”

The short video shows the driver returning his left hand to the stack of parcels after pushing the doorbell.

The driver then moves his hand over to the side of the porch to a wooden ledge that is holding the box of matches.

The man eventually decides to take the matches and puts them in his pocket while using his other arm and neck to keep the packages in place.

Speaking today, Luke said: “My partner was at home. The driver pushed the Ring doorbell which was in plain sight so was oblivious there was a camera their.

“What if I had hidden a spare key there in case my partner had an accident and our parents had to get in the house?

The delivery driver has since lost his job

“The audacity to just help himself has really annoyed me. Nothing of massive value. It was literally a box of matches but my partner frequently leaves her phone there when unlocking the front door with our daughter in the buggy so could have easily been a brand new phone.

“Not reported to the police just yet as I’m waiting for Amazon to resolve the issue.”

An Amazon customer service representative replied to Luke saying: “Oh no! We’re so sorry for this experience, Luke.

“This isn’t the level of service that we strive to provide. We’d love the opportunity to have our team investigate this further for you.”

In April this year, an Amazon delivery driver was caught stealing plates from outside the home of a woman suffering from dementia.

The 84-year-old on her own receives meals from her family. Her carer cleans the plates then leaves them on the doorstep to be collected by the family

The family were furious when they caught the delivery driver on their home security video steal the plates in Dungeness, Kent.

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