Reckless motorist swerves off road and on to pavement – just to beat queue for McDonald’s


A RECKLESS motorist has been filmed swerving off the road and driving “at speed” on the pavement – to beat traffic queuing for a McDonald’s.

The clip shows the driver, still travelling at considerable speed, mount the pavement and undertake the dashcam vehicle.

The motorist ignores the safety of an unsuspecting parent and child walking in front and turns left into the restaurant car park.

Ironically, the driver manages to indicate left while breaking several traffic laws. Numerous viewers of the clip have urged the man who filmed it to send the footage to police.

The clip was filmed yesterday (tue) outside the McDonald’s in Longbridge, Birmingham.

David JW shared his footage online with the caption: “Well someone couldn’t wait for McDonald’s.”

Tim Atherton responded: “I don’t often say this, but that needs to be reported to the bobbies. There is absolutely no reason for that behaviour.”

Stephen Scotford agreed with Tim, stating: “I totally agree with Tim, report to the police.”

John Gibson also pointed out the woman and child who where on the pavement: “Woman and kid on the path as well. No need for it the d*** head.”

Car mounting curb
David believes the driver should have their license removed

Robert Kiely said: “That’s a stupid move…not normally one to say send to police but in this case I think you should.”

John Jay Dixon said: “This needs reporting to the police and hope this prat gets a big fine and points.”

David said today: ” I think the police should look into it and charge him for driving without due care and attention.

“The driver did not hesitate in mounting the pavement and drove at speed.

“You can see a mother and young child was not far from being hit. His licence should be removed.”

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