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Top Motorcycling Routes in Scotland


If you’re not easily scared by Scotland’s capricious weather and love a good motorcycling road, we have a real nice treat for you.

With stunning scenery, incredible topography and the endless green to go easy on your eyes, Scotland is very generous when it comes to majestic routes. Sure, you’ll have to pack the waterproof gear as well, however, they say you’re not really a biker until you’ve gone your first 100 miles through rain.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for those summer rides and you’re already thinking Scotland, we have put together some of the most appealing routes this country can offer. So, make sure you have your favorite trip-planning app handy and check out these amazing roads that are perfect for two-wheel enthusiasts.

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

A82 and Beyond

Of course, you can’t go to another country looking for amazing motorcycling routes without interacting with the local biker community. That’s exactly what A82 offers you through the Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum. Considered to be the main gathering spot for all Scottish bikers, in part for its delicious breakfast but mostly because it marks the start of a stunning ride through Glen Coe as well as the Scottish Highlands.

While A82 actually starts in Glasgow and makes its way through the picturesque Loch Lomond, however, things are quite congested here and that’s why the corner at Tyndrum makes the perfect starting point for one of the best rides in the country. It gives you a picture-perfect view of the mountains and marks the start of a mind-blowing 46-mile ride through Rannoch Moor and all the way towards the town of Fort William.

While the road can be bust in peak season, however, if you time it properly you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable ride all the way through. Also, the route doesn’t have to stop at Fort William, from there you can head north towards Loch Ness or east towards the Isle of Skye. The roads are in mint condition and you will be able to enjoy these routes on any type of motorcycle.

North Coast 500

You’ve probably already heard about the North Coast 500 as being the Scottish version of the legendary Route 66.

Created by local tourist boards back in 2015, this 516-mile route is one of the most stunning coastal routes you can find in Europe and arguably the entire world. It simply has something for every type of rider. With sections that include the Applecross pass, the stunning roads around Ullapool and the most northerly point of mainland Britain at John O’Groats. 

There are countless castles, lochs and distilleries on this path so you can plan a very nice trips along the way with plenty of attractions and activities to give you a real feel of the Scottish way of living. 

North East 250

If you’re not prepared to take in all the 500 miles of the North Coast 500 or you’re simply not that kind of rider, there’s a shorter alternative for you.

At least just as beautiful as the North Coast 500, the North East 250 that is officially a thing starting 2017 will take you from Aberdeen and back in a selection of Scottish delights with a very wide offer of routes and various terrains along the coast.

Then the path continues its way through the Cairngorms National Park and all the way up through the Spittal of Glen Shee – one of Scotland’s most notorious ski resorts in the proper season. And while the temperature drops in these areas, you won’t have to gamble on getting snow or not during the summer months.

However, if you’re into gambling and enjoying some high-quality slots while resting at one of the bed and breakfasts or simply shaking off the cold with some hot tea, there are plenty of online casino real money websites available in Scotland as well. 

Of course, the list of amazing motorcycling routes around Scotland can go on and on with the fantastic landscape and curvy roads. So, no matter if you’re a hardcore biker or you are still exploring new routes, you should definitely take the Scottish courses into consideration as you’re in for a major thrill. 

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