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Should you play online or regular casino slot machines?


Perhaps among the readers of this section there are fans of slots that have never played on the Internet. For these people, I want to compare online slots with no download and registration and offline slot machines. To be honest, the actual game difference is very small.

If you read an article about the functionality of gaming slot machines, you will find out that all slots are now controlled by a computer random number generator (RNG), as well as music and sounds, and in video slots the image is displayed on the monitor – everything calculated by the CPU and GPU of the hardware inside of slot machine or in case of online slots – on the server of the casino.

It turns out that the difference is minimal – in one case you control the keyboard and mouse, in the other – with special buttons and a bit different screen. It turns out that the whole difference is only in near-game moments, there are no fundamental differences in the game itself. Let’s take a look at the different aspects.

The place of the game and the decor. I think that for the majority in the competition “home against the slot machine in casino hall”, the comfort of the home wins. The gaming places have been enlarged, made more convenient, but they are unlikely to be compared in convenience to your favorite chair or couch, where you can comfortably sit down, turn on your favorite music, put on comfortable clothes, take something to eat and drink if you wish.

Image: Michal Parzuchowski on Unsplash

If for players in blackjack or roulette an important part of visiting a casino can be communication with other players, then in the slots the game usually goes individually, rather, on the contrary, not everyone wants to advertise their love for slot machines, so it’s easier to play at home.

Availability and set of games in online casinos for real money

To play offline you need to go somewhere, maybe even travel to different state, spend time, while at home you can start playing within 30 seconds. Moreover, online casinos are available 24 hours a day without breaks and weekends.

You can play during a short break or during night insomnia. As for the set of games, even in large cities and reputable institutions you are unlikely to find more than a few dozen games.

At the same time, only one online casino can offer several hundred slots, let alone the whole variety of offers! Moreover, they will not “throw in the trash” the old, but still beloved games of many players, it will always be at your service.

Payout percentage.

The success of your game, of course, depends on luck and luck only, but the payout percentage in the game plays a very big role here. When a game has a payout of 98%, it is much easier to win in it than in a game with a payout of 90%, I’m not talking about 50%. Here the comparison between online and offline is clearly in favor of the online establishments. The fact is that the costs of a virtual casino are much less than the real ones.

So, this is the cost of one server and the Internet, as well as the minimum support service, while the real room needs to buy machines (several thousand dollars each), rent a room, hire staff in each room.

Plus, online casinos are often located in offshore areas where taxes are low and real casinos pay in full. All this allows online casinos to set a high payout percentage in their games.

If real establishments usually offer machines with payments of about 90-95%, then online payments of 96-98% are most common. Here it’s worth mentioning the honesty of games. Theoretically, there is the possibility of unauthorized changes in the percentage of payments both on-line and off-line.

Previously, in the small halls of slot machines, and especially in different “columns”, you would almost certainly fall into a “charged” machine. In a casino, the likelihood of such an event is less possible.

In the same way, the probability of getting into a “regulated” slot machine in a normal online casino is zero. In addition, competition is in favor of online casinos. 


In the previous paragraph, I already said that the costs of online establishments are much lower than real ones. This allows them to not only set a high payout percentage, but also give players bonuses.

At least the first deposit (and often the subsequent ones) online casino will offer you a doubled deposit, so if you put 100 on your balance – you’ll get 200 instead. You cannot immediately withdraw this money, you need to play for it, but at least it doubles your chances for win!

In real casinos, players can receive free drinks, as well as comp points (up to 1% of the bets can be received as various “bonuses” – food, shows, souvenirs, etc.), so far, we have come from the realm of fantasy. In an online casino you won’t get a drink, but almost everywhere there are comp points that can usually be converted again into money on your account.

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