Researchers claim the human teeth could be key to revealing some of our darkest secrets


The toughest part of the human body is believed to be able to the history of our habits,researchers claim.

Experts at the University of Dundee’s School of Denistry believe the human teeth could be the key to revealing our darkest secrets. 

Dr Scheila Mânica from the University’s School of Dentistry says that teeth are a living tableau of our lives and can, with the right skills, reveal some of our darkest secrets.

 A forensic odontologist with 15 years expertise in identifying the dead from their teeth, Dr Mânica will discuss her work at the next Café Science, a free informal talk open to the public.

Dr Scheila Mânica. Image supplied

 Those looking to brush up on their crime-solving skills and find out more about the secrets of smiles can hear Dr Mânica’s talk at Medina Bar and Grill on Monday 16th September.

 She said: “Everyone has their own dental profile that makes them unique. This means that when someone dies, who cannot be identified by other processes, their teeth can help establish not only their age, but also provide information on sex, race, job, diet, socio-economic status and even psychological characteristics.”

Dr Mânica’s talk will take place at Medina Bar and Grill at 113 Nethergate on Monday 16th September, at 7pm. This is a free event and everyone is welcome. There is no need to book in advance but please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

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