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The Age-Old Debate: Who is a True Football Fan?



Football is a much-loved game across the world but the fans that make up the game come in different forms. There are fans who are extremely fanatical about the game and they go to great lengths to support the club, Betway is an excellent reference for this. One can also come across fans who do not take the game a lot more seriously and they try to focus on the beauty of the game. It is the hard-core section of supporters who tend to divide opinion amongst each other. The general consensus about fans is that of those who live around the club or have been supporting the team from childhood are the true supporters. Does this statement hold true even today?

It becomes easy for someone, who has been brought up in the region surrounding the football club, to get affiliated with the team. The games on the weekend become a great way to spend time with family or friends. After a long week’s work, it is the way to unwind for many individuals. Hence, it does not become a major issue if the game turns out to be a dull or bland encounter. The same cannot be said about a fan who is several thousand miles away. In fact, this fan may not even get to watch a game in person. Then, the prospect of sitting through 90 minute of boredom completely changes the perspective.

It is very difficult to be in the shoes of a fan living abroad. They have to stay awake during late hours just to catch games and one can only imagine the mental stress to watch a dull game after having gone through those lengths. People who are able to get out to local pubs to watch games are slightly fortunate, while there are fans who end up spending time alone at their homes to watch these games. These are fans who are sacrificing their own social life in order to support a team. The joys and sorrows of having done so can primarily be shared only on social media.

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There is so much joy in being a football fan, but it can all be drowned out in the silence of a pub or on a couch in their home. This is not the case with fans who reside just outside clubs, as they would probably end up as season ticket holders apart from the easy access to a lot of merchandise.

Even then, a majority of foreign supporters are being labelled as plastic – a fan who deserts his team if there is not a great deal of success. However, there is very little understanding that goes into the mindset of fans who live abroad before making such comments. Despite a number of hardships and difficulties, these fans find ways to consider themselves as part of the family. After all, it is the vast TV subscription money handed out by these fans that has helped the sport move to the next level.

It is time to revise the thoughts about what makes a true football fan.

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