Mum threatens to turn vigilante after finding it impossible to report crime – and then getting ticked off by cops for swearing – Wednesday


A FURIOUS mum is threatening to turn vigilante after she found it impossible to report a crime for two days – and was then ticked off by police for swearing.

Chaz Nijjer was horrified to find her car had been broken into and property stolen by thieves who left glass all over her child’s car seat.

The 37-year-old claims that calls to 999 and 101 failed to get action and that both a text message and online reporting system were also useless.

Even after spending her own time tracking down CCTV footage of the criminals in action, Chaz claims West Midlands Police have still not taken any action.


All Chaz says she got from police following the crime outside her home in Foleshill, Coventry, was a slap on the wrist for dropping a C-bomb as she became increasingly frustrated.

Worryingly, Chaz, who has been tipped off to the address of one of the suspects, is considering taking the matter into her own hands.

The video clearly shows two people breaking into the car with one of them crawling all over the inside. The thieves haul included a baby carrier, Superdry hoodie, and a George Foreman grill.

Chaz has released screengrabs of her text conversation with West Midlands Police after she failed to get a response by calling 999 and 101.

Chaz states in the first message that she’d like to report a crime and provides a location. She is given a link to report the matter online.

She says she has tried this already but has not been able to get past the stage asking about damage done to property. Chaz says she just wants a crime reference number for insurance purposes.

Asked if she created an account, Chaz complains: “I’m quite stressed out now.

“And, I don’t seem to be getting anywhere in reporting the fact that some c*** has smashed my car window and been rifling through it.”

She is then told: “Please don’t swear.”

Picture above shows the damage done.


Chaz hits back: “My apologies but I’m not about to get on a table and start dancing.”

After being told to call 101 again, Chaz writes: “Thank you for not helping as well I really appreciate how easy it to report a crime.”

After two days of trying, Chaz finally managed to report the crime on 101.

Speaking today, Chaz warned: “To be honest with you if the police aren’t going to do anything, people will take this into their own hands. I will be camping out in the area she is from to find this b****. I will beat the s*** out of her. I literally want to batter her.”

“There is going to be a purge in this country soon and the police won’t be able to do anything. I’ve lost faith in the police and the justice system.”

She added: “The police said they haven’t allocated an officer to the case yet. It takes a week, forensics don’t lift prints anymore just blood. I can arrange some blood for them. They didn’t care about what was stolen as I didn’t have a serial number for the item.

“It’s very difficult to report a crime. I called 999 and 101 to be told to use the chat feature and then the link they gave me didn’t work, so I had to go back to 101. They told me to call up the restaurant or go into it and see if they had any CCTV and call them back. 

“I was like I beg your pardon. I got the CCTV footage and then called up the police but they just said they would send someone out.

“It was quite patronising them telling me not to swear when I was trying to report a crime. It took me two days.”

Chazzys Facebook status highlights her horror.

Jim Naz Naylor wrote under Chaz’s post saying: “Unfortunately police wouldn’t take prints, probably wouldn’t even turn up. Probably get a crime number over the phone, not really much use for police except dishing out traffic tickets, or arresting people for public order offence’s, swearing etc.”

Chris Beck wrote: “Well hopefully they do, it’s shameful that people can destroy your property and then just walk away, without a backward glance.

“The police need more police, so these people can be caught and prosecuted.”
Background – loss of trust in police nationally.”

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: “Police were contacted at 8.14am on 3 September to report a theft from a motor vehicle in Cambridge Street, Coventry, sometime between 10pm on 2 September and 6am of the morning the crime was reported.
“It was initially reported that perfume and a car charger were stolen. It was then later reported a grill, letters, baby carrier and hoodie were taken.
“Any crime is unacceptable but the allocation of officers to scenes is assessed on what is proportionate given the severity and vulnerability.“Given the lack of witness opportunities the victim was asked if there were CCTV possibilities which could assist an investigation.
“These have been established and enquiries to secure the footage are being made.“Anyone with information is asked to contact police via Live Chat at, call 101 any time, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Quote crime reference number 20CV/208938V/19.”Last November it was reported that police officer cuts had “severely dented” the public confidence in the force.The parliament’s spending watchdog argued that cuts in funding and reductions of about one fifth to staffing levels have left forces under “increasing strain”.The public accounts concluded the police officers are taking longer to charge suspects, making fewer arrests and the number of patrols has been cut back.

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