Teen claims driving test pass was revoked after examiner “can’t recall” doing manouevre


A TEENAGER was left gobsmacked after she passed her driving test – only to be told her pass had been revoked hours later.

Amy Scott, from Glasgow, was ecstatic when she passed her driving test on Monday and took to Twitter to share her delight, posting a photo of her posing with her pass certificate.

However, the 19 year-old’s joy soon turned to disbelief after she received a text from the manager of Hamilton test centre a few hours later telling her there had been a mix up.

Despite completing her test with just three minors, Amy claims she was told the integrity of her test was being questioned because the examiner who took her test failed to complete the paperwork correctly.

Amy’s Twitter post explaining her situation.

The DVSA informed Amy her examiner had been feeling unwell and therefore couldn’t recall whether Amy had completed the required manouevre to earn a pass.

During UK driving tests, learners must complete one of three manouevres in order to obtain their license.

A stunned Amy returned to social media once again, quoting her original post with the caption: “False alarm troops, the DVSA manager called to tell me my pass is being f**** revoked since my examiner didn’t fill out my form properly and “can’t recall” whether I did a manouevre or not as she “wasn’t feeling well” and I’m being made to resit, you couldn’t make this s** up.”

Fellow social media users reacted with to the post, which has since clocked up nearly 30,000 likes.

Charlotte Allan replied: “Not a chance, that’s shocking.”

@SecretScout said: “I feel your pain but this is hilarious.”

@lBoyd1996 added: “I wouldn’t have that. So what they are saying they sent you out with an examiner who wasn’t fit to do her job properly or safely that day?”

Luckily, her nightmare ordeal was ended when the DVSA agreed to allow her to resit her test the next day and she flew through, this time passing with just two minors.

She posted a photo of herself in a car with her second pass certificate with the caption: “Manager at DVSA is surprisingly sound n organised my retest for this afternoon, 2 passes in 3 days my guys, who’s wanting safely chauffeured to f***.”

Speaking today, Amy said: “After my instructor passed earlier in the year, it was difficult for me to get a new one because there’s waiting lists for every driving school in my area and so when I finally got to sit it on Monday I was so excited to have passed.

Second time lucky, Amy is pictured passing her re-sit.

“I told all my friends and family and obviously posted on Twitter how I excited I was and then a few hours later I got a text from the manager asking me to call.

 “I was absolutely devastated at first because this was such an important thing for me and it just got ripped away. My Dad called back to try and sort things as there is nothing to say the DVSA can revoke a pass once it’s been issued.

“The manager was really apologetic and handled things very well. Usually there has to be 10 days between retests, but he took me for the test personally yesterday afternoon free of charge.

“I passed the second test with two minors, I feel so much better and happy it’s out the way now.”

Amy made headlines after going viral earlier this year for complaining that her driving instructor was ignoring her requests to book her test, only to find out he had died.

The DVSA has since apologised to Amy.

DVSA Director of Operations (North) Peter Hearn said: “DVSA’s priority is to help everyone through a lifetime of safe driving.
“DVSA conducts over 1.9 million driving tests every year, and mistakes on test are extremely rare.
“The candidate and family has accepted our sincere apologies for delivering an incomplete test. We provided the candidate with a free retest at her convenience, within 3 days of discovering the error.”