No-deal brexit set to further compound pressures on social care industry in the UK


A HEALTHCARE technology start-up say public figures suggest Brexit could put 100,000 social care jobs at risk, with many employers unaware of the disruption this could cause on their organisation.

Stephen Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of novacare, said there is set to be a “myriad of issues” surrounding keeping EU employment.

He said: “With 8% of health and social care staff being from the E.U, it is imperative that businesses converse with their staff and understand if visa applications have been applied for.

“Undoubtedly there is set to be a myriad of issues around recruitment and retention of EU employers from the impending Brexit date of Oct 31st, which is why it’s so important that businesses act now, and ensure that they are fully prepared for everything.”

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Novacare recruitment platform supports local authorities, NHS and service providers to recruit high quality staff more efficiently. They will be offering a full social care recruitment and retention consultation package on the run up to Brexit.

The recruitment platform is also urging businesses that qualify, to apply for the Brexit Support Grant, funded by the Scottish Government, that will provide a minimum of £2,000 and a maximum of £4,000 to help small to medium-sized enterprises in Scotland manage a wide range of Brexit impacts.

Stephen Wilson added that supporting businesses during Brexit is “imperative.”

He said: “Businesses have a responsibility to understand all of their options and if the pool of staff have diminished already due to Brexit concerns, then it’s imperative that we support the industry by informing them around what processes need to be put into place to deal with staff recruitment and retention effectively.”

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