“This is vile” – Aldi shopper posts clip claiming to show “moth” inside pepper


AN Aldi shopper has released a video claiming to have found a “moth” inside her red pepper.

The clip appears to show a large insect clambering to the sides of the pepper as a couple watches on in shock.

The discovery was made by Taylor Daley from Birmingham when she was making dinner.

Taylor had bought the mixed peppers bag at the new Aldi store in Willenhall, West Midlands.

She posted the discovery on Facebook on Tuesday saying: “So yesterday I went and got the shopping at the new Aldi in Willenhall, [I began] to cook the dinner today, cut into the pepper and found this!

“This is disgusting, the bag of peppers hadn’t even been opened yet! I won’t be going there again. Aldi this is vile. Do not get them from there. It’s a bloody moth.”

The video shows Taylor’s boyfriend holding the stock of the red pepper and then lifting up the top of the cut pepper to reveal the believed insect.

He is heard saying: “That’s a f****** fly” as a winged invertebrate appears to be resting at the bottom of the pepper submerged in what appears to be pepper seeds.

The camera tilts to the pepper lid, showing the rotten core which appears to have been the moth’s source of food.

He prods the moth to check it is still alive. It then spreads its wings and starts climbing up the pepper wall. Following this, he then puts the pepper top back on to the body.

He then says: “Brand spanking new” as he turns the camera to the Aldi packaging. Taylor then says: “It’s going to come out the side, it’s going to come out the side.”

Pictures also show the packaging from whence the pepper came from revealing it is a produce of Spain and has a best before date of September 16.

Another image shows the moth climbing the pepper wall whilst showing the rotten core it seems to have been feeding from.

The Moth in question

The video has left many people shocked in the comments.

Tagging a friend, Lauren Craddock said: “That’s like the one I got out!”

Ebeny Watkinson added: “Omfg. God that’s disgusting.”

Sam Hanley wrote: “Oh my God it’s alive. I would die.”

Holly Randall Williams said: “Right that’s me off peppers for life.”

Also tagging a friend, Dominique Elchococarts Chantelle added: “See why I don’t get these kind of things from there.”

Aldi’s Facebook Team commented on Taylor’s post saying: “ Hi Taylor, we’re really sorry to see this. Please send us a private message with details of the branch you purchased it from, so we can discuss this with you further.”

However, Taylor later commented on her post saying: “Aldi UK could you please reply to my personal message to you?”


Taylor today said she was stunned to find the apparent moth inside the pepper.

She said: “I found it as I was cooking dinner. Literally just went to cut the pepper and it was inside.

“[I was] just shocked and disgusted. I shouted my boyfriend straight away it was vile, it smelt too. I noticed it as soon as I cut into it as all dirty stuff fell out of it.”

The moth can be seen clinging to the inside of the pepper.

Taylor doesn’t know how the moth got into the pepper.

She added: “I haven’t got a clue. There wasn’t a hole or nothing in the pepper, it must have got in when it was tiny and grew.

“I’m happy that as many people have seen it as they have because it shouldn’t of happened.

“Aldi haven’t done anything, they commented on the post asking me to directly message them and it’s been 48 [hours] and [they] still haven’t replied to me.”

Aldi have today apologised to Taylor.

A spokesman said: “While extremely rare, this is possible with products that are grown outdoors in natural conditions.

“We apologise to Ms Daley and have made our supplier aware of this matter.”

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