“The Universe’s way of telling me I’m making a mistake” Woman crashes car on way to have sex with ex


A WOMAN posted a picture of her crash-damaged car – claiming it was the universe’s way of stopping her having sex with her ex.

Chloe's Tweet which went viral showing her dented car
Image: Twitter

Chloé Langton was driving her Ford Fiesta to her former boyfriend’s house last week, intent on renewing their acquaintanceship.

But the 21-year-old financial administrator ending up having a forceful collision of a very different kind to the one she was anticipating.

Chloé, from Hinckley, Leicestershire, admitted rear-ending another driver on a roundabout.

She posted a picture of her £6k motor showing extensive damage to the front.

She took to Twitter on Saturday, writing: “Started driving to my ex’s house to s**g him and ended up crashing my car.

Twitter comments
Image: Twitter

“That’s one way for the universe to tell me I’m making a mistake.”

Speaking today Chloé said: “When I was driving on Saturday afternoon someone was coming round a roundabout in the lane to the left to come off but they then carried on straight instead.

“There was a car in front of me that went to pull out but then had to break due to the t*** in the wrong lane and when he slammed his breaks on I then went into the back of him.”

Other users were quick to poke fun at Chloé’s timely misfortune.

A user called A.J Aldo wrote: “Least you weren’t rear-ended.”

Chloé replied to this saying: “Well that was the original plan.”

Simon Biker commented: “At least something got f***** today.”

Twitter comments
Image: Twitter

A user called @Jenstokoe added: “The universe works in mysterious ways.”

Layla Jones said: “Imagine his disappointment when you tell him you’ve crashed though.”

A man called Kaine suggested she got “Straight in the Uber.”

Chloé today admitted: “My ex is super-bad for me.

“We’re not romantically involved. I left him but we still sleep together every now and again.”

She added: “The car is fine I’ve just got to sort out paying my excess and it’ll be fixed.

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