Heartbroken mum thanks Mothercare after they send replacement for sold-out clothes her baby “went to heaven in”


A HEARTBROKEN mum has thanked Mothercare for hunting down a replacement of the sold-out clothes in which her baby “went to heaven”.

Tragic Rupert Johnson died just 30 days after he was born with a serious heart condition.

His 25-year-old mum, Kirsty, dressed Rupert in a Peter Rabbit babygrow with matching fluffy slippers after he died on Friday.

But when Kirsty, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, visited her local Mothercare to buy a replacement with which she could remember her son she discovered they had sold out.

Image: Kirsty Johnson

Friends stepped in and contacted the store to see if they could help. Mothercare responded by tracking down a remaining outfit and sending it to Kirsty free of charge.

Kirsty took to Mothercare’s Facebook page yesterday, writing: “I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Mothercare who were involved in the news I’ve just received from a friend.

“This is my little boy Rupert who passed away on Friday. This is my favourite photo of him. He doesn’t look poorly and is exactly how I want to remember our little Roo. These are the clothes he went up to heaven in along with some little slippers.”

She added: “I wanted another set so I could keep them myself to remember him, however, I was absolutely gutted when I found they had gone in the sale and therefore sold out.

“However a group of my friends got in touch with Mothercare and managed to get them sent to me along with an additional blanket and didn’t charge them for them!

Image: Kirsty Johnson

“It means the absolute world to me that such a big company could be so kind. Thank you so much.”

Emma Thomas responded online: “So sorry for your huge loss. The fact you took the time to not only thank your amazing friends but also Mothercare shows how incredibly grateful and lovely you are. Thinking of you at this difficult time.”

Rebecca Scullion added: “This is just lovely. It’s small things like this that make the world look a lot brighter!! My daughter passed away. I buried her in the most beautiful white dress from Mothercare. I’m so sorry for you and your little boy he is just perfect.”

And Louisa Johnson commented: “I’m so sorry for your loss, he is so handsome. Well done Mothercare, it’s why I love you so much.”

Image: Kirsty Johnson

Speaking today, Kirsty said: “It definitely made me cry even more! Happy crying though – it’s lovely of such a big company to be so caring.”

The kind gesture was the result of Mothercare staff member Debbie Humphrey, who stepped up to help out.

A Mothercare spokeswoman said: “One of our customer service team managed to find a replacement for the sentimental piece of clothing that Kirsty was looking for.

“We hope that Kirsty is able to find some comfort, no matter how small, during this incredibly difficult time. Our thoughts are with Kirsty and her family.”

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