Having Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party at a Weed Cafe


Are you interested in doing something unique and interesting for your bachelor(ette) party? Consider having it at a weed café! It’s a great place to relax and celebrate, and even better — no hangover the next morning. Lowell Café is the first weed café/restaurant in the United States, but weed cafes have been popular in other corners of the world for quite some time. 

What is a Weed Café?

A weed cafe is a coffee shop that serves marijuana and marijuana-based products. From delicious cannabis candies to baked goods, cannabis cafes are a place to purchase and enjoy cannabis products. And there are more than just cannabis products, too: delicious coffees and drinks round out the menu, making it perfect for even those who don’t partake.

Host Your Bachelor(ette) Party at a Weed Café

A bachelor(ette) party is a time to unwind and celebrate, but not everyone wants to consume large amounts of alcohol or get too wild. At a weed cafe, you don’t need to worry about being late to the wedding the next morning. You can enjoy being intoxicated without any issues later on. 

Photo by Rick Proctor on Unsplash

In other parts of the world, weed cafes can span the gamut from a casual coffee shop to an upper class lounge. You can try out different types of cannabis and different types of candy confection. If you rent a private room, you can host traditional bachelor(ette) games.

And while you don’t have to drink, you often still can. Many cannabis cafes and cannabis lounges also have a healthy assortment of alcohol, from beer to wine. You can have all the craft beer or spirits you want.

Some cafes even allow special events, such as holding an entire weed-infused dinner party. 

Start or End Your Party at a Weed Café

Don’t want to spend the entire time at the café? Think about starting or ending your party at one. You can purchase cannabis to take with you to consume (where legal), and you can purchase candies and baked goods to eat later on. You can also finish your night at the weed café, to relax after a long night of dancing or partying. 

Consider a Cannabis Tour

In towns where cannabis cafes are commonplace, you can book a cannabis tour for your entire group. Cannabis tours take you around to a number of cafes, lounges, and dispensaries in the area, so you can enjoy everything!

If you come from a town where weed isn’t legal, going on a cannabis tour in another state can be a wonderful idea for a bachelor(ette) party. You and your party can enjoy the best weed within a legal state, and experience the best-of-the-best cannabis venues. 

If you’re a local, you can purchase an assortment of great tinctures, balms, candies, and other things to remember the party by — things that you can use for a long time to come.

Come Down to Lowell to Learn More About Weed Cafes

Are you interested in learning more about weed cafes? Come down to Lowell! Lowell Farms grows high quality, natural cannabis. At Lowell Farms, the first cannabis restaurant in the United States, you can discover a variety of specialty weed products. A socially conscious business dedicated to improving upon the accessibility of cannabis products, Lowell is proud to be an open, social space for cannabis use. 

Weed cafes are an exciting new trend, and there are more being created every day. As recreational weed becomes legal throughout the country, weed cafes are going to become even more common. Consider a weed café for your next big event — it’s a great place to celebrate just about any event.


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