Gardener posts hilarious snap of the X-rated pear she discovered in this year’s crop


A WOMAN has posted a hilarious snap of a very rude-looking pear that grew in her garden.

Julie Hamilton discovered the pear on this year’s crop, Image: Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton discovered the fruit as she was gathering in the crop at her home in Scartho, Lincs, and shared an image online.

The 58-year-old senior healthcare assistant, wrote: “I’ve had some really weird-looking pears off my tree this year and I’m not sure why.

“Plus there’s not half as many as I normally get off my tree.

“But I thought I’d post the pictures of this one for fun.”

Julie took to a Gardening Facebook group to share the pictures for fun, Image: Facebook

Syed Shumi Hassan commented: “Nature has a funny sense of humour.”

Kerry Elliott suggested: “You could put it in a fruit cock-tail” and added a winking emoji.

Sue Contestabile wrote: “Nice pair.”

Robert Seeney added: “Wow that pear’s got a pair…”

On Julie’s post other gardeners added images of their own questionable crops. Among them were another couple of versatile looking carrots.

Sara May Dixon posted a picture writing: “Some homegrown carrots… we had fun naming ours.”

Other social media users also shared their own images, Image: Sara May Dixon

Her image showed some very odd looking carrots, a few of which looked like legs with another small growth in between them.

Julie Twigg also posted an image of a longer, firmer looking carrot.

Speaking today, Julie said: “I was saying to my husband that we had some strange looking pears this year for some reason. But when I picked it this one I couldn’t believe it and what it resembled.

“It’s actually a conference pear.

“I posted it on the gardening site just for a bit of fun. I thought it would get some comments but not as many as it has.”

Whilst naughty vegetables are not the norm they have frequently been a topic of hilarity for hungry shoppers and gardeners.

In March, a Morrison’s shopper was stunned to find a carrot which looked like a penis and legs inside a bag of “wonky carrots” that he bought from the supermarket.

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