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A Winning Guide to Smart Live Sports Betting


Games of chance are rooted in ancient civilizations and were often embellished with superstitions. The Greeks, for example, believed that rolling two sixes was a sign of victory in the game and was called the favourable ‘throw of Aphrodite’. Rome, China and Egypt are among other nations that, according to Ancient Origins, gambled throughout history. But no passive game could compete with the excitement of betting on live sports. 

The action of the Olympics or Colosseum was surely a unique thrill for someone putting their faith and money on a predicted victor. Bettors have continued to enjoy this immersive experience all the way to the 21st century. The difference today is that there are a lot more bookmakers and sports events to follow, live and online. They are accompanied by a consumer public supporting their athletes and made happier when offered new or improved opportunities.  

At the end of the day, however, bettors are responsible for their own successful gambles. As several studies on Medical Daily confirm, a spectator’s brain mirrors the activity of players, becoming excited and even stressed. This is not an ideal state for bettors to be in. When it comes to making calculated decisions, logic is more important than emotion.

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Study prospective matches, as well as bookmakers’ services. Once a game is live, watch everything that happens on the field and market, including odds and other bettors’ patterns. Place your bet only when confident in your prediction. Stay alert for any further moves you may need to make. For new in play bettors, holding back or betting small is wise in the first couple of games. Learn how things work before trying more expensive or intricate plays.

Such tactics have only been possible for the last couple of years, after in play betting was introduced. In the past, people were restricted to pre-match bets. Now, online bookmakers lead the way in familiarising sports fans with the joys of even livelier betting. By December 2018, the Gambling Commission states, 23% of online gamblers were using in play services on a monthly basis. 

Interestingly, the fact that 96% of online gamblers prefer to play at home shows that comfort is an important part of audiences’ entertainment. Different providers offer different odds and options, so exploring the market gives you a better chance of finding a bookmaker that stimulates that sense of comfort. Peace of mind, in turn, inspires confidence and anything you can do to boost that will benefit the rest of the live betting preparation process.

If athletes on Sports Retriever have lucky rituals, come up with some of your own, like Michael Jordan wearing his college UNC shorts under the Chicago Bulls colours and Rafael Nadal following a precise routine at each match. With a strengthened self-assurance you can then brave the masses of data that will help distinguish possible winners.

A notepad is a handy thing to have as you read up on sports news. The internet is a vital source of information. Who is playing? How have they performed so far? Even weather and locations can factor into the game’s outlook. Consider what experts have to say, but depend on the sum of your careful research to come to a logical conclusion. Finally, keep a close eye on those odds. Along with the notepad, have a dependable betting exchange active on your phone when the game starts. 

The tools of a single online bookmaker can be combined with the existing benefits of live betting to achieve the best possible profit. 888 Sports betting, for example, constantly updates its competitive odds across several markets – basketball, tennis, eSports and more. Through the same website, you can make traditional bets and trades, but also a huge range of prop bets. The power of live betting lies in boundless choice and the freedom to make a punt at almost any point in the match.   

So put your thinking cap on and get involved in as many aspects of live sports betting as possible. Its industry is being restructured with the bettor’s success and enjoyment in mind. But only a disciplined mindset and deep knowledge of a chosen sport will allow you to reap the greatest rewards. Game on. 


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