Video shows dogs so starved they ate their own faeces – but “rescue took police and RSPCA 18 months”


HORRIFYING video shows dogs so starved they ate their own faeces – but still had to wait 18 months to be rescued.

Neighbours claim they only got a response from police and the RSPCA by lying that one of the dogs had collapsed.

The eight pets were kept in the back garden of a house in Dagenham, Essex, reportedly without proper food, shelter or water.

The situation only came to light after a volunteer group who reunite lost cats and dogs with their owners microchipped a stray canine and took it back to the Dagenham address.

The group, Scruffy’s Angels, were so shocked by what they found on Tuesday they took video and posted it online.

Emma Mason, a Scruffy’s Angels volunteer, wrote on Wednesday: “These are the pics from Dagenham – no food, no shelter, no water.

“We have been waiting for the RSPCA to attend since yesterday despite numerous calls.”

Emma said volunteers lowered buckets of food and water for the dogs.

The dogs were found malnourished. Image: Emma Mason

She added: “The address is registered to a security company which have approximately five different addresses.”

Emma, speaking today, said: “Neighbours say for the last 18 months they had called the police and RSPCA numerous times but nothing happened.

“Someone called the police and said one of the dogs had collapsed. The dog hadn’t though but they came straight away.”

She added: “The response time from the authorities was unacceptable, it was pouring with rain and the dogs had no shelter, no food and no water.

“They were eating their own poo.

It is believed the dogs were eating their own excrement. Image: Emma Mason

“We could have broken in but the dogs need professional help, we called the MP and the council.

“It was like pulling teeth and going around in circles, eventually after 48 hours the police arrived and when they saw the conditions of the dogs they called the RSPCA who finally attended.

“Two of the eight dogs were removed and we were told they are going back today for the rest.”

Jordy Lockley wrote under Emma’s post saying: “This is absolutely disgusting that nothing has still not been done. Imagine if that was a child. F****** makes me sick. Why are the police taking there time?

The condition of the animals have shocked many in the comments. Image: Emma Mason

“And also the RSPCA and dog wardens that’s another joke. If one dog never got out no one would no any wiser.”

Chelsey Charlotte added: “These scum that do this to animals deserve a sentence a murderer would get. This makes me sick. I hope those babies get the right help and support and put into loving homes.”

Sophie-louise Tipple added: “This is a local security company that RSPCA and local police aren’t attending despite the obvious cruelty the animals in their care are suffering.”

Stevie Randall said: “Omfg seeing this is heartbreaking. Them poor babies You guys are amazing for what you do.

“Thank God we have people like you guys. I’m not local anymore but I am now calling RSPCA to report this as well.

“Unfortunately I’ve had many occasions with the RSPCA and they do not deserve the donations or respect people give them. They should have been there in minutes.”

The Metropolitan Police declined to comment on the delay claims but confirmed they had visited the address “following reports of concerns for animal welfare”.

The RSPCA said it was “incorrect” that they ignored previous complaints about this address. Image: Emma Mason

A spokesman said two dogs had been seized and taken into the RSPCA’s care but there had been no arrests.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: “It would be incorrect to say we have ignored previous complaints raised at this address, but due to data protection laws we are unable to discuss complaints about what action may or may not have been taken in the past.

“The RSPCA may not always approve of the conditions animals are kept in but can only act where the law is broken. We must always act within the law to protect animals, which often involves giving advice and education to improve welfare.

“As a charity we have no more powers to enter the property than a member of the public and we can only gain entry to a property with the police who do have the powers to seize an animal if they suspect it is suffering.

“Further action can only be taken if an independent vet examines the animals and confirms suffering.

“Unfortunately, it is not always appropriate to publicise what steps have been taken for legal reasons.”

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