“For f*** sake” – Amazon delivery driver filmed throwing box in rage after other parcel lands in water


AN Amazon delivery driver has been caught on video throwing a package in rage after tripping up and dropping a separate parcel in water.

The delivery driver was filmed carrying a large box whilst trying to balance a smaller package on top.

The driver dropped the smaller parcel into water

He then stumbled causing the smaller package to drop into the river before shouting out about his slip up on Monday.

Prince Andrew Whitworth from Burnham on Crouch, Essex, ordered a microwave for his mother, Cheryl Lindsey, who was staying in the houseboat while he was away on holiday in Crete.

However, he was furious when he received a message from his mother informing him the package was dented with a hole in it and the smaller package was muddy and wet.

The package was muddy and wet when it was recieved

Andrew said the delivery driver has put a “dampener” on his holiday after seeing what happened to the £100 Samsung microwave and his security camera cables.

He was able to access the CCTV footage through an integrated app service and decided to upload the clip to Facebook yesterday with the caption: “This is your delivery service.”

The driver threw the large parcel, denting its content

The video shows the driver carrying the larger package while quickly walking along the gang way before slipping after the box gets stuck between the ropes causing the smaller package to fall.

He recovered the smaller package which was muddy and wet when he got to it

The parcel can be heard crashing into the water before the annoyed delivery driver is heard saying: “for f*** sake” before he throws the bigger parcel carrying the microwave onto the boat down after nearly tripping again.

The delivery driver is then seen walking around before saying “I f***** up” as he goes to reposition the parcel he threw.

Malcom Walker, who looks after the boats in the dock, is seen climbing over a wall before going into a smaller boat to pick up the parcel which he hands over to the delivery driver.

The full footage shows Malcolm telling the delivery driver to knock on the door, open it and shout Cheryl to make her aware that the parcels have arrived.

He then goes onto the gangway and waits for the door to open and then explains what happens before leaving.

The driver then returns to take a picture of the parcel to say it had been delivered after saying it was undeliverable.

Other social media users were shocked by the service, Image: Facebook

Andrew’s video has been viewed over 6,000 times.

Liam Aaron Gillan wrote under Andrew’s post: “That’s f*****g outrageous.”

Christine Moore added: “Unbelievable. But not in a way. What a t***.”

Marie Brown disagreed and condemned the post writing: “Feel for the guy to be honest.

Image: Facebook

“Ok he obviously shouldn’t have thrown the package but I’d be annoyed -you live somewhere awkwardly accessible and the guy tripped on your gangway- lucky he didn’t hurt himself and sue you.”

Speaking today Andrew said: “I’m really offended and furious that happened and the swearing, there are kids around in the area. He just opened the door and then started shouting hello.

Image: Facebook

“My mum could have just come out of the shower and could have been walking around half naked as some people do.

“She was horrified at what happened. It was common sense and basic manners.

“It’s outrageous. Amazon came back to me saying ‘we may need to look at retraining’ and get back to me within 24 hours. I have to pay to repackage it and deliver it back to them. They haven’t offered a refund for the damage.

“The microwave has a massive dent on the side and the other was covered in water. I’m currently on holiday in Crete and I’m trying to deal with it and it’s ruined our holiday.

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