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6 High-tech elements to include on your trade show exhibition booth


Trade shows are a brilliant way to showcase all that your brand has to offer and attract new customers. You only have a few seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention before they get distracted and move on to the next exhibit.

So you have to ensure your trade show exhibition booth has that wow factor that will draw in crowds. 

Trade Show Exhibitions feature big brands as well as new startups. Everyone wants their booth to be the one that has the largest crowd. Most big brands have a large budget for these kinds of events and use every trick in the book to make their booth look innovative, inviting, and interactive.

This is because they know the potential these trade show exhibitions provide and what it means in the long run for their brand. 

The competition at these events is remarkably tough. This doesn’t mean that emerging brands or those with a smaller budget can’t have a groundbreaking booth. It’s all about thinking outside of the box.

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One of the best ways to make your trade show exhibition booth stand out is by using high-tech elements. This will make your booth look modern, innovative, and different and will also give you an edge over the more traditional booths in the show. 

Here is a list of the best high-tech elements to incorporate in your booth to make everyone’s heads turn.

Use Projection Mapping

A new, innovative yet simple way to integrate technology into your trade show exhibition booth is by using projection mapping instead of the usual boring slides and videos. Projection mapping is a technique where irregular or non-white surfaces are used for image or video projections.

It can be used to add an element of optical illusion, an extra dimension, and even perceptions of movement onto stationary objects. Projection mapping is a relatively new technique that can add that missing “it” factor to your overall exhibit.

Multi-Sensory Exhibit

If you want your trade show exhibition booth to stand out, you have to be creative! One of the latest methods of upgrading the trade show booth experience is by adding different elements that activate all of the five senses — giving everyone who visits a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience. 

Use innovative lighting designs, gamification, touch panel interfaces, scent diffusers, and interactive displays to amplify the sensory experience of your exhibit. If you’re finding it particularly hard to build such a booth or stand, you could always refer to custom trade show stand design agency who can make such stands for you. 

Use Technology To Keep Visitors Entertained

It is very easy to get bored at a trade show, no matter how professional you are. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by using advanced tech to keep visitors entertained. Use touch screen games, 3D printers, and Virtual Reality headsets to keep your exhibit interactive, fun, and a welcome break from the boring environment of the trade show exhibition. 

However, make sure that all the games and fun technological activities you have at hand correlate with your exhibit one way or the other. Otherwise, all the focus will be diverted from what you’re actually trying to market to the fun activities at the booth.

Virtual reality: The next big thing i

Studies show that 62% of consumers feel more engaged and 53% are more likely to purchase from a brand that has some VR experience at their exhibition. 71% of consumers also agree that brands using VR technology in their exhibits are modern and forward-thinking. This goes to show the substantial positive impact adding VR technology could have on your marketing experience. It also shows you how essential it is in this digital age for marketers to use VR technology.

Use Motion-Sensitive Technology

Gesture control or motion-sensitive technology is quickly becoming a favorite tool with trade show exhibitors. It is a great, interactive way to lure visitors to your booth and keep them interested!

Use hand gesture controls to display product demos and allow visitors to navigate through the presentations through hand or body gestures. You can even use motion-sensitive floors or responsive lighting to make your exhibit truly stand out from the rest.

Use Social Media As Part Of Your Exhibit

Social media plays a tremendous role in spreading the word and getting people interested in your exhibit by the simple touch of a button! Use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for live updates and promotional offers before and during your exhibition takes place.

This will help more people to find out and coming to your booth without you having to spend any more money on enhancing your booth to attract customers. 

Technology is developing every day and has numerous advantages. Using technology to enhance your booth makes you appear modern, intelligent, and forward-thinking and gets people more interested in your booth. 

Use the technological innovations in this list to make sure your trade show exhibition booth turns heads all over!


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