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Double Glazing Grants


In 2015, there was a grant for homeowners which was designed to encourage them to make their homes energy efficient. This grant was known as ‘Green Deal’ and was offered by the government. It will only cover the cost of installation of the double-glazed windows and doors. The owners can pay back by saving money from their energy bills. But the homeowners did not take any interest in this grant. Because this funding was a loan that they have to pay back. This was the main reason for the unpopularity of this scheme. But now this scheme has ended so what if you need help to buy windows and doors for your home? Well, there are other options too which are as follows:

Other Options for Homeowners

As the Green Deal has ended and it was not very popular. The UK government has offered a new scheme called ECO (Energy Company Obligation). However, this grant is available for a small number of houses. It will help them make their homes more energy-efficient. They will make some changes in their houses to help you save energy by installing internal wall insulation and a new boiler. However, only the low-income people and ones who are receiving benefits from the government are eligible for this. Moreover, this offer does not provide funds for double glazing. However, a homeowner can use the granted money for installing double glazing windows.

For people who are living in Scotland can check HEEPS grant. This grant is an interest-free loan from the government. It offers up to 4,500 GBP to install double glazing. If you are planning on replacing the previous double glazing then you are not eligible. The homeowners who are upgrading their windows from one glazing to double glazing are eligible. If you are receiving government benefits then you are also eligible for the HEEPS grant.

Free Double Glazing for UK Homeowners

There is another scheme which is only available to those homes which are near to major A roads and motorways. The main idea of this scheme is to reduce the noise levels inside the home. For this, the government has provided 39 million pounds of funds to Highways England. It will enable them to install double glazing to over 3,000 homes by 2020. Moreover, they are offering ventilation units so the owners will not need to open windows for ventilation their home. Moreover, the supplier will give you 25 years guaranty for the windows and 15 years for the vents.

Highways England will choose the homes that are experiencing the highest levels of noise from vehicles on the road. You do not need to apply for this grant. If you are eligible then you will receive an offer letter. Moreover, the government will not provide you the funds. A contractor will visit to assess the work and will decide what work is needed. The contractor will directly be paid by the government. If you have not yet received any letter and you think you are eligible. Then you can contact the Highways England.

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