Shocking footage shows how a home was attacked three times in two weeks


SHOCKING CCTV footage shows how a home has been terrorised three times in two weeks – costing more than £1500 worth of damage.

Liam, whos his aunt and uncle lives in the house, has captured each attack which included throwing rocks at the windows and throwing red paint onto their car.

He also claims the police “don’t seem to be bothered” and believe they “should be doing more” to catch the perpetrators.

The 28 year-old posted footage of each attack to Facebook shortly after they happened in Scholes West Yorkshire, with the latest one taking place on Friday.

He initially posted on October 15th saying: “Video of people damaging car! Also smashed top Window! Any evidence anyone can give would be great!

“Who ever leads to whoever it is, £200 Reward!

“Video in Scholes, cleckheaton on Foldings Avenue.”

His latest post on Friday said the incident “happened again”.

He said: “Names or any info would be perfect. Reward for capture, it happened at 17.31 25th October, Scholes. Aged between 14 and 17, Young kids. Share someone must know who these are!”

The first clip Liam shared shows two male figures. One of whom throws his rock at the car while the other launches the stone at an upstairs window.

The window smashes and the glass can be seen shattering across the CCTV lens. The two then quickly make an escape.

Only two days later, a similar incident happened. Two people can be seen hurtling more rocks at the household.

Smashing the window they had previously smashed two nights before and a ground floor window.

Liams original post made on Facebook, highlighting his desperation for information on the thugs.

Again, the duo quickly make an escape down the street.

The third video shows what appears to be two teenage boys throwing rocks at the home, however this time the two managed to escape without smashing any windows.

The collection of posts has been met with extreme disgust from the local community, with many showing support for Liam and his family.

Dean Kamikarzy commented: “What the f** man, should wait somewhere for them next time and kick f** out of them.”

Jamie Motin posted: “Need to start waiting up or down the road bud. I think with few lads in car and when you catch them break their fingers the lil c****. I don’t mind helping with that.”

Liam’s cousin, Ryan Verity-New also made a comment on the post. Saying: “Worse thing about it is not knowing who it is. Could even be laughing and watching this video. So if you’re by any chance reading and I find out who you are, I will genuinely bite your f****** nose off.”

Speaking today, Liam said the incident has inflicted “loads of stress” onto the family

He said: “We have no clue why it keeps happening. I wish we did, my auntie and uncle are in their late forties and have no enemies at all. The police are treating it as targeted.”

“I managed to see one of them and they are like 14 or around that. They have definitely been paid to do it,little kids don’t tend to course damage without someone paying them or something.”

One of the thugs mid throw as he hurls half a brick at the windows of the home.

“There has been loads of stress caused because of this. They have damaged courtesy car, roof and front bumper. The house windows have been replaced multiple times. The amount we have spent is into the thousands. Dogs on edge, cars damaged, windows damaged.”

“It’s shocking and god help them when they are caught, we just want to get to the bottom of it has its destroying the family and putting everyone on edge. It’s disgusting.”

Liam also criticised how the police were handling the incident.

He added: “They don’t seem to be bothered if I am honest.

“It’s happened three times in the last two weeks and they just come and look and give a crime number. It is rubbish and police should be doing more.”

West Yorkshire police have appealed to anyone with information about the incidents to get in touch

A spokesman said: “Police have been speaking with the victims at an address on Foldings Avenue, Scholes which has been subject to criminal damage.

The latest incident took place on Friday October 25 at about 5.30 after bricks were thrown at the house, causing no damage. ”

“Officers have recovered CCTV showing two males throwing objects before making off, and would appeal to anyone who has information about the offence to get in touch.”

“Information can be given to the Batley and Spen NPT on 101 or online at www.westyorkshire.police/101livechat. It can also be given in complete anonymity to the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.”

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