My tips for planning a trip to Malaysia


Malaysia is a country in southeastern Asia consisting of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, north of Borneo Island. These two distant islands of more than 700 km present an important diversity between jungle and modernism. Its capital Kuala Lumpur is a hyper-active city with a growing economic activity where skyscrapers are ubiquitous. Its architecture is very varied with very contemporary monuments and others of colonial style. Here lives a great cultural mix with a Chinatown, Indian, Portuguese … But Malaysia is also lush forests that will satisfy the hikers. The desire for relaxation, the beaches of Malaysia are heavenly, and its underwater is beautiful. In this article, I will discuss how to make a successful trip to Malaysia. Let’s start.

Health precautions
At first, make sure that our vaccines (DT polio) were up to date.
Hepatitis B is present throughout the country. However, vaccination is only recommended for travelers who engage in risky sexual behavior, and for those who use intravenous drugs.
Vaccinations against Japanese encephalitis, rabies, yellow fever are recommended only for travelers who are staying in remote areas or when the conditions of accommodation and hygiene are precarious.

The primary advice of our interlocutor, a specialist in tropical diseases, will be impeccable hand hygiene throughout the stay, water consumption only bottle capsulated, and increased protection against mosquitoes: anti-mosquito containing DEET Wearing long-sleeved clothing and preferably light-colored, mosquito net.

Photo by Izuddin Helmi Adnan on Unsplash

Fix your right time
Malaysia enjoys a warm and humid equatorial climate. Temperatures are relatively stable around 30 ° except in the Cameron Highlands, a mountainous region where it is much more relaxed (between 17 and 24 °). The country knows two periods of monsoon: The winter monsoon: from November to March bringing heavy rains especially on the east coast and the summer monsoon from the end of May to September, which will mainly affect the west coast.

Many thunderstorms sometimes violent and rain at the end of the day, but the showers are short: take shelter, and good weather returns very quickly. You can fix your time from May to September. It is the ideal time to visit Malaysia.

Schedule your flight to Malaysia
Booking a flight to Malaysia is an essential task for the trip. There are many airlines available. But I can recommend the Fly Emirates. There is nothing to say about Emirates. You can find there, respected schedules, a smiling staff, individual screens with a consistent choice of movies, films and cartoons, decent meals, and the perfect Dubai airport to transit. Also, you can choose your desirable airlines.

Administrative formalities
Citizens of North America, the European Union, and most Commonwealth countries do not need a visa for a “social visit” up to 90 days in Malaysia. Citizens from most ASEAN countries (except Myanmar) receive a free 30-day visa on arrival. Travelers will receive a stamp on their passport that will be valid for the entire duration of the stay.

Nationals of other nationalities should contact the nearest Malaysian Embassy or Consulate, as they may be required to obtain a visa in advance, especially if they are traveling for more than one month. The Embassy will be able to advise on the visa application process and all additional conditions.

Since May 2017, citizens from China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia, and Montenegro have also been able to apply online for a fee. 30-day electronic visa with a single entry. Once approved, this electronic visa must be printed in A4 format and presented upon arrival.

For Indians, there are four types of visas available.

Single Entry
This visa allows visiting Malaysia for 30 days
Visa holder cannot extend the visa

Multiple entries
This visa grants 30 days to 6 months to visit Malaysia.
Visa holders can return Malaysia within visa time validity.
It is an ideal visa for those Indians who need a Malaysia visa on short notice.

It is valid for 15 days
It is perfect for those Indians who want to visit for a short time.

Visa On arrival:
This visa applies to those Indians who want to enter from Indonesia, Singapore, or Thailand.
Visa on arrival is valid for seven days.
There are many sites available, where you can find Malaysia Visa Online facilities.

Organize your visits and activities
Traveling is good, but planning your itinerary and knowing what to see and do on your way is even better. To guide you in the choice and the development of your trip, there are many tour guides available on online.

The main points of interest
Tour of Malaysia begins with Kampong Ayer, a sizeable lakeside village with houses on stilts that seem frozen in time. Kampong Ayer continues to keep its authenticity despite the gradual entry into modernity. The discovery of Malaysia continues with a visit to Penang to visit George Town. This ancient colonial city inscribed since 2008 UNESCO World Heritage is discovered on foot. The Kek Lok Si temple, a large Buddhist pagoda, is also part of Penang’s sights. For holidays in relaxation and festivity, direction Pulau Langkawi. In addition to its heavenly beaches, this jewel of Kedah has excellent restaurants and bars. For a taste of Malaysian luxury, head to Kuching, an emblem of sophistication with its starred restaurants and trendy nightclubs.
Will enjoy a stopover in Taman Negara, a place preserved for thousands of years. This piece of land on which time seems to have no influence is a refuge for large mammals such as elephants, leopards, or tigers. It is also possible to find smaller species such as flying squirrels, snakes, or monkeys. The jungle is full of many rare and fascinating orchids and plants. A trip to Malaysia would not be complete without a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in the Sabah region.

The activities to do
Sports are one of the main activities offered in Malaysia. Diving and snorkeling are easy to practice. The majority of Malaysia’s beaches are perfect playgrounds for surfers, whether beginners or experienced. Trekking and trekking are also examples of activities to be done during a stay in Malaysia. The country’s national parks are equipped with trails to clear their way through the thick jungle. Tasting street food is a typical Malaysian activity. The stalls of itinerant cooks offer visitors the opportunity to taste tasty dishes according to often recipes that date back to ancient times.

Shopping and crafts
Are not lacking in Malaysia? Places of conviviality and discovery are the places dreamed of going to meet the local population. Kota Bharu is the craft market par excellence. It is possible to find fabrics with gold threads called kain Songket, goldsmiths, kites, batik, or even hand puppets. The Central Market and Buluh Kubuh Bazaar are great places to find spices and other local products. The Jalan Petaling Night Market is another place to shop in Malaysia.
The specialties of local cuisine
Is no Malay cuisine as such? The gastronomy of Malaysia is a mix of cuisine from all over Asia. Spices are in the spotlight in all dishes. Sometimes they are added coconut milk. The cucumbers served with the dishes help to soften the fire that goes up to the palate after eating spicy. Noodles and rice are the staple food of the Malays. They are accompanied by poultry, beef, mutton or fish, and other seafood. Among the iconic dishes of Malaysia are the Satay, these skewers of spiced meat and grilled barbecue, and the Nasi goreng, a dish of fried rice served with meat and vegetables.

An exuberant nature and a pleasant climate, here are two principal arguments to go to Malaysia. Cheap destination, Malaysia offers visitors the opportunity to stay and eat cheaply. The rains are often inviting in walks through Malaysia. Considered as inappropriate for some visitors, they have the advantage of moistening the air and reducing heat, which in some areas becomes suffocating. Those wishing to venture into the Borneo jungle must be careful because access to some parks is difficult.

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