Hilarious video shows how lad received free kid’s witch costume with Chinese takeaway


A CHINESE takeaway has baffled one of its customers by giving him a free Halloween costume with his dinner.

Keavan Mccaul from Derry, Northern Ireland was perplexed when he unwrapped his £10 meal from his local takeaway The Ricebowl and found a children’s witch outfit nestled inside.

As the clip begins, 20-year-old Keavan explains: “I ordered a Chinese and I’ve got a f****** Halloween costume with it. What the f***?”

He starts laughing and pulls out a purple and green “Rainbow Witch” outfit worth £9.99 which has been balanced on top of his meal ordered from the Rice Bowl.

The camera then cuts to a shot of Keavan’s receipt which has: “Free outfit” in capital letters scrawled across it.

The caption on the photo reads: “Rice Bowl never fails.”

He then dons the outfit and films himself posing in a mirror.

He can be seen modelling the tiny outfit which barely reaches his hips and strains across his chest.

As Keavan turns he reveals a crumpled witches’ hat atop his head and says: “It’s a bit on the short side like but like it does the job.”

A tickled Keavan shared his experience shortly after it happened on Sunday with friends on Snapchat.

It was then posted by pal Lucy Mahon to Twitter on Tuesday, where it has since clocked up nearly 50,000 views.

Keavan decided to try on the children’s costume

She shared the video with the caption: “Can’t get over Keavan ordering from the Rice Bowl and them giving him a Halloween costume.”

The clip has had social media users in stitches.

Aimee Nixon wrote: “Hahahahaha funniest thing ever.”

@HolaitsL added: “Howling at this.”

And Daire Callaghan said: “Peak Rice Bowl.”

Speaking today, customer service adviser Keavan said: “As soon as I saw it was in the bag I videoed it, all I could do was laugh.

“I thought It’s a free outfit may a swell of tried it to see if it did the job. I didn’t wear it anywhere, it was a bit on the short side so I didn’t bother because it was freezing.

“It’s normal behaviour for Rice Bowl, they do strange things all the time. They have sun chairs and toiletries for sale on their food app.”

“I didn’t expect the reaction to it at all because I’d post stupid stuff like that on my private Snapchat story all the time.”