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Jeffrey Hayes explains: Working as a live dealer in an online casino


Almost all casino fans have, without a doubt, seen live casino dealers. These dealers look as happy as a jackpot-winner and they look perfect in great close-ups.

In addition to that, the task of these individuals doesn’t appear to involve anything more than just playing casino games.

As far as we can tell, the job of a live dealer appears like the best job in the world. However, is it really that great? To be a live casino dealer, is it really enough to look perfect from all angles and like casino games?

Being a writer for an online casino review site myself, Here are several things you need to
know about working as a live dealer in an online casino.

Image: Kay on Unsplash

Responsibilities of Live Casino Dealers

First, let’s understand the basic responsibilities of a live dealer in an online casino before we focus on the pros and cons of being a live dealer.

Liking casino games and looking good doesn’t make for an excellent casino dealer, contrary to popular belief. In addition to that, to make customers feel at ease, dealers need to be very polite and friendly.

Another aspect that you have to consider is that a live dealer needs to be committed to
entertaining clients. However, that isn’t all their responsibilities.

Regardless of any
distractions, a live dealer needs to focus on the game, following all types of regulations. In
addition to that, they should be able to properly manage stress.

Finally, a live dealer must know how to socialize well. Thus, you might want to look for other options if you’re an introvert.

Advantages of Being a Live Dealer in an Online Casino
With live casinos, the job doesn’t need as much math skills. That is one of the primary
benefits of being a live dealer in an online casino.

The dealer does not have to do the math since the computer will do it all. Next, a live dealer typically has an extremely huge income.

It isn’t uncommon for a live dealer at a well-known online casino to make more than
£100,000 every year.

Also, you have to keep in mind that it needs minimum education to become a live dealer in
an online casino. Dealers are trained in simply 1 or 2 weeks, whether you believe it or not.

In addition to that, a live dealer gets a lot of benefits if they’re part of a well-known and
popular online casino. Almost every high-quality casinos provide their personnel bonuses,
medical benefits, and much more.

Several casinos go as far as providing a refund for tuition fees for college classes, as long as it’s relevant to the casino industry.

In addition to that, almost every online casino operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
This means that a live dealer will be able to work any shift they desire. Furthermore, it is
extremely simple if a live dealer wants to take time off.

Lastly, another excellent advantage is that a live dealer can get tips. You certainly know that users could offer tips to the live dealer if you’ve played at a live casino. It is just like at a physical casino.

In addition to that, the pay of a dealer heavily relies on tips, as you might know. Thus, it is always beneficial to work hard and earn a lot of tips.

Disadvantages of Being a Live Dealer in an Online Casino
Just like any other job in the world, being a live casino dealer isn’t always perfect. There will be disadvantages.

If the job was perfect, every single person out there will want to be a live dealer. Thus, what are the cons of being a live dealer in an online casino?

Typically, live dealers have to begin with a minimum wage to start with. This can also be
applied to every other kind of dealer.

However, you shouldn’t expect that the wage will increase a lot over time. Remember, the pay of a dealer heavily relies on tips, as we mentioned earlier.

To make things simple, around 50% up to 80% of the pay of a dealer relies on tips.

Furthermore, as mentioned, being a live dealer needs to have an almost perfect appearance.You need to look good at every angle, even in great close-ups.

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