“Ice, ship, mice, elf” Boy, 6, pranked by Dad teaching him words


A MUM has shared the rude result of what happened when she asked her son’s dad to do more reading with him.

Stephanie Wilkie’s video shows her six-year-old son reading out a list of words that, when said quickly, sound like: “I s*** myself.”

Stephanie, from Edinburgh, shared the video on social media, where it has proved a massive hit.

She posted: “Asked Noah’s dad to start doing more reading with him when he has him and this is the video I get sent.”

The video shows a piece of paper with the words “ice”, “ship”, “mice” and “elf” printed in pencil.

Noah’s dad can be heard telling his son: “Read they words.”

Noah, referring to the first word, asks: “What does that say?”

Stephanies Twitter post highlights the situation.

His dad tells him and urges him to carry on.

Noah slowly manages to say the words and is then urged by his dad: “Now say it fast.”

The little boy responds, and the words run together quickly have the desired effect, producing a snigger from the dad.

The post has seen significant traffic, reaching over three hundred thousand views.

@almech003 commented: “Parenting skills: 10/10.”

@AmberKeano_x said: “Hahahahahaha in bits.”