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3 small business budgeting tips: Reducing business travel expenses


Travelling for business can sometimes be a confusing situation, the costs rise beyond what your budget was and then the travel becomes an expense that is larger than what you had planned, it almost seems impossible to keep this up.

Stepping back and looking at the reasons this might be happening is a helpful tool but you may still run into the same issues, taking a much larger look at how the expenses crop up is your best bet here.

Ask yourself why do I travel, Is it a meeting on the other side of the world? Is it a potential client that you are hoping to impress and gain their trust?

Is it a conference that is supposed to benefit the company or could it be that when travel is booked it is not booked from the angle of business travel and is instead booked as if it were a holiday?

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Luxury and importance, there are many things we love on a holiday like all-inclusive deals that allow you to drink and eat till your hearts content, is this necessary on a business trip? Definitely not.

Landing in a different city should not let you lose site of the reason you are there, keep the same habits you would have if you were on the ground at home, don’t eat out unless it’s required and leave the site seeing to when you are on holiday.

Luxury travel additions are also unnecessary, there is no reason to look important in the queue or to have extra baggage on the way there or back, keep your packing to requirements only and don’t go shopping whilst on a business trip, leave the leisure for after you land the deal.

Accommodation, this one is easy but quite often overlooked, why sleep on a bed with feather down pillows and crisp white linen sheets that make you want to stay there all day, you don’t need this.

Getting the best deal for the trip is the most important, grab an Airbnb or even look at staying in a hostel, it’s not glamourous but it does mean that if you are asked back for a follow up meeting you can do this without worrying about the amount it might cost you.

Getting about, driving is incredibly expensive and also not obligatory in most parts of the world, the public transport networks in major cities are more than sufficient, it’s also a great way to get in with the people of the city and see how they operate however if it’s a must then use a comparison site, Enjoy Car Hire is a good one and will assist you with the best deal for your destination.

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