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What is radio over the internet?


The pre-recorded MP3 files or lives that are done with the help of microphone broadcasts are often called as Online Radio.

They are streamed over the Internet. You are not limited to one geographic area. With online radio, nor you are dependent upon syndication partners that will pick up your show in order for it to be heard. You can reach the whole world with your radio broadcasts.

If you want to be on workable radio for the internet, there are three essential elements.

The first one is the source which is of course you. The next one is sound added as clips like inputs from CDs, live voice, and so on. The last one is the server who will listen to it. There is one server that mixes it all together and puts it into a format. This format can be streamed, and you will be able to send it out through the Internet sound waves at the click of a link.

This specific server is Shoutcast through Next, it comes the listener. If you don’t have listeners, what is the point of even having the broadcast?

There really isn’t any point in broadcasting without having listeners. They can hear anything you’re streaming by connecting to your server.

Why radio for the internet?

‘When people hear on Internet radio stations they retain themselves same as do when they see an ad at the same time, When the visual is combined with auditory prompts it gets stick into the person’s brain’ said Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab.

The study found that words can be more powerful than print ads even though a picture might be worth 1,000 words. They drive the emotions of consumers, which results in a better response percentage for excellent radio ads.

The impact of radio ads was a positive emotion, and it was not only equal but also a bit greater than television ads. This is one essential thing as an ad campaign’s effectiveness can be impacted by the audience, which is emotionally engaged with it.

Start and host your own online radio station?

To get your online radio station up and running for your audience, there are a couple of common methods

  1. Make your computer a streaming server

If you have some streaming capabilities to pull this off, all you need is some technical knowledge and your own server to start. You must be aware of how to use the microphone and all other recording equipment. Editing software is also important.

To more easily stream through your server some of the tools that will help you are


This is free software. You can install it on your server as it will allow you to stream 24/7. Whether upload pre-recorded tracks or stream live with a microphone, this one is great!


It is a software that allows you to stream through your computer to the Internet. To offer this to your listeners, all you need is a website. Listeners can listen through their default browser, and they will not need to download any software on their end.

  1. Take your radio channels on third party streaming host

You can start with free trials or packages. Once your audience grows, upgrade your server and add more tools. Some of the third-party streaming hosts include:


The most amazing thing about this is that it has thousands of radio stations on every topic you can imagine. Not only talk but also music radios are available. This might be a good place to start your show if you’re looking for a built-in listener base. Your radio station can grow over time as it offers a free trial and personal and professional broadcasting packages.


They have not only free packages but also professional packages. You will call into a telephone number to begin streaming your show. The setup for this third-party site is very simple. Shows are archived for future listening.

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