4 things you should do if you go on holidays to Cyprus


Located east of the Mediterranean Sea, quite close to Turkey, we find the island of Cyprus, the third-largest island in the region. In its 3,572 square miles of extension (disputed by Greece, Turkey, and Great Britain), Cyprus offers endless options and a variety of activities to enjoy on a long-awaited vacation on this Mediterranean island. From taking a dip in its incredible beaches to a good afternoon of skiing and a visit to impressive archaeological remains.

What to visit in Cyprus
Cyprus is one of those vacation spots that are small but have everything: beaches, deserts, waterfalls, ruins and so on. Even legends of Greek mythology, since Cyprus is the island that, according to the Greeks, saw Aphrodite born. Without a doubt, on this Mediterranean island, you could spend the best days of summer. Plan your holidays in Cyprus with Voyage Privé and don’t forget to include the following activities in your itinerary.

Photo by Mike Yukhtenko on Unsplash

Visit the ruins of Cyprus
Kourion was a Roman city located in Cyprus. It was located on a cliff, with an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea. Today, there are some ruins of its history, such as those of a theatre of the Second Century that is still active. In fact, the main reason to visit Cyprus on vacation is to know the architectural gems of antiquity that this island has reserved for you.

Cyprus not only keeps Roman history in its ruins. We can find even Greek ruins and Byzantine monasteries. Perhaps, one of the ruins of the most prominent medieval times is Kolossi Castle, built in the thirteenth century by the Knights of St. John.

There is also some news in the ruins of Cyprus. An example of this is the Nicosia International Airport, which was abandoned since 1974. Since then, the ravages of weather and the passage of time have made a dent in its structure, making it an apocalyptic scenario worthy of a photograph.

Under the Cypriot water, there are also ruins to see. The Zenobia was a large ferry that sank near Larnaca in approximately 1980. Just take a boat from Larnaca or Paphos, put on a snorkel and dive to see the show.

Cover yourself with snow in Cyprus
We had already told you that Cyprus has everything for your holidays. And so it is. In addition to enjoying its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters during the summer, you can also go to Mount Olympus to ski! As you read, going on vacation to Cyprus will be an unforgettable trip if you decide to go skiing on any of the 6 adapted tracks on Mount Olympus, or for hiking.

From the summits of the mountains of Olympus, you can have spectacular views of the Cypriot coasts. Especially, from Limassol and from Salt Lake. No doubt going on vacation to Cyprus is more than enjoying a tropical paradise.

Discover nature in Cape Greco
Cape Greco is a coastal national park in Cyprus. There, you can get away from all the crowded places and get in touch with the nature of the place. Located east of Agia Napa, Cape Greco offers you incredible landscapes that are worth exploring during your holidays in Cyprus. Do not miss the opportunity to walk along the coastal paths and see the different shades of blue that Cyprus has to offer.

Meet the baths of Adonis
In Cyprus, there is a place where Greek mythology, eroticism, and nature come together to provide an unparalleled experience for couples. We talked about Adonis bathrooms. According to Greek mythology, in this place Adonis and Aphrodite fell in love, they had many children and, finally, Adonis died in the arms of Aphrodite.

So, if you go with your partner to Cyprus, do not miss the opportunity to take a bath in the natural pools of Adonis. A landscape with a lot of greenery and tranquillity so you can spend unforgettable holidays in Cyprus.

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