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Top Tourist Attractions in Dallas


There is so much to do in Dallas and without a proper travel plan many visitors may miss out on some major attractions. Most people’s idea of Dallas is as depicted in cowboy movies but the true picture of Dallas is a wonderful place that offers site treats for the entire family. Children can marvel at zoos, amusement parks and aquariums as adults soak in the stories behind old west heritage.

One thing is for sure, for those who land in Dallas; there is no time to get bored.  Here are some of the top attractions you need not miss out on (I appreciated every second spent in these places having lived in laid-back Atlanta for many years).

Dallas arboretum and botanical garden

A visit to this destination is complemented by sunny weather because the rays of the sun simply look awesome doing their vibrant dance on the greenery and colorful flower beds. This horticultural haven sits on a 66-acre piece of land so there is a lot of space to move around and even take pictures. For its enchanting gardens, many people have held their weddings here; there are 19 such spots so it is big enough for everyone. People often speak of flora and fauna but it does not come to life in any other place like at the Dallas arboretum and botanical garden where all manner of plants exist. Depending on the season, you can never miss tulips, roses, crepe myrtles, azaleas, magnolias, perennials, Japanese maples, or ferns in blossom. As vibrant as is the energy that draws visitors to this place, the Cherry blossom is the ever present favorite because of its perennial nature. Are you looking for an excuse to spend the entire day at the Dallas arboretum and botanical garden? Go out on a picnic then make reservations for tea from the garden caterers.

Dallas world aquarium

What comes to mind when you think about an aquarium? A few colorful fish species swimming against a backdrop of man-made coral is the image that many people would have. Well, how about a massive collection of fish from the indo-pacific waters, anemones, seahorses and real coral? Dallas world aquarium is a destination that sparks conversations in families and especially where there are small children. This is also a reserve for tropical birds, otters, sloths, penguins and the odd monkey. Do some of these animals sound out of place? That is the more reason you should stop over. There is a section at this destination which is the highlight of any visit; Orinoco rainforest but the adventurous can consider the Mundo Maya exhibit as their show stopper. If you do not fear the sight of reptiles plus a walk through a huge glass tunnel that has sharks swimming all over you.

Dallas zoo

For the animal lovers and enthusiasts, the Dallas zoo is a controlled spot where visitors can watch their favorite wild animals at close range. You can even extend the thrill with a visit to the Fort Worth area which is close by. Specifically designed to capture the attention of small children, the zoo management uses the facility to conduct interactive exhibits, hold special seasonal events and age-appropriate tours. Judging from the neat and modern feel of the Dallas zoo, many people have a hard time believing that it has been in existence since 1888. Get inside and the African-inspired savanna is home to giraffes, lions and elephants. Feeding the giraffes is quite the experience and you certainly will not mind parting with a few pennies to get permission to do so. As you watch the animals, your little ones can cruise the 106-acre grounds aboard the T-Rex Express Mini Train.

Fair Park

There is something going on at the Fair Park regardless of what time of the year it is. From concerts and musicals to festivals, people congregate here for a slice of fun and socializing. There is no largest Ferris wheel as big as the one here in any other place in North America so I can confidently say that you too was as amused as I was. The kids have their own space where they can enjoy rides on swan boats, interact with exhibits at the museum or enjoy viewing the children’s aquarium.

Fort Worth water gardens

This urban oasis is the creation of Philip Johnson, the Architect who is also responsible for designing the John F. Kennedy Memorial close to Dealey Plaza and Amon Carter Museum. Situated in the downtown area of Fort Worth, the water gardens are a symbolic wake into a peaceful haven. Visitors are ushered in to the gardens by an ensemble of large stone slabs.  These lead to a quite area where three water pools provide a meditative mood that very few would lack cause for. In this entire mix are fountain jets and cascading waterfalls. Did the Indiana Jones-esque steps spark your sense of adventure? That is what they are supposed to do.

Fort Worth stockyards national historic district

This attraction is located to the west of Dallas is written in most literature reviews as Dallas Fort Worth. Travelers need only take a 30 miles drive to a place that the locals refer to as Cowtown. An area that is rich in old west roots, the Stockyards is where cattle drives happen two times a day. With streets lined on either side with steakhouses, the drives feature live performances of country music, bull riding and line dancing. If you are raveling with kids, they will love petting animals at the zoo and walking through the 5,400-square-foot maze.

Other attractions that are as important for Dallas visitors and which are a worthy stop-over include the Moody Performance Hall, Reunion Tower, Six Flags Over Texas and Southfork Ranch.

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Dallas is an old town in Texas and if you grew up watching any cowboy program, you can resonate with the life, language and ways in this part of the world. Spare a few days for your travel because there is so much that you must see. You will most likely enter the city through Dallas Love Field and this places you at the heart of downtown Dallas.

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