Kentucky Fight Chicken – hilarious video shows “embarrassing” scrap involving prancing man who fails to land a blow and then runs away


HILARIOUS video shows a food delivery man scrapping with a prancing opponent who fails to land a single blow – and then runs away.

The fighter seems unsure whether he’s disco dancing or duking it out during the feeble scrap outside a KFC in Southampton.

The bizarre incident was caught on camera by a 21-year-old, who wants to be known only as Isaac.

He was on his was to the gym on Monday evening when he saw the comical scene unfold.

As the video begins, the man in a light top is seen squaring up to the delivery driver.

He begins to walk away muttering: “Dare you, I f***** dare you. Suck your mother.”

The driver says something inaudible back and the man turns and shouts: “What? What did you say?”

He attempts to grab the delivery man’s bike and the camera pans to a female bystander who shrieks: “Hey, please calm down!”

As the camera flips back, the delivery man shoves the other man by the shoulders and the two begin to tussle.

The man in white attempts to strike the delivery man, who fends him off.

The man in white then becomes more ballerina than boxer and begins leaping about and waving his fists in the air.

He strikes the delivery man in the chest before hopping about some more and backing away.

Another man in a helmet then gets between the men shouting: “Go away!”

The man in white briefly considers taking him on, before turning on his heel and fleeing down the street.

In the background, a woman can be heard whimpering and the man in the helmet shouts: “Come here, come here you f***** piece of s***.”

HILARIOUS video shows a food delivery man scrapping with a prancing opponent who fails to land a single blow – and then runs away.

The man in white continues to prance about before hurling himself at the man in a helmet and shoving him in the face.

As he retreats again, another member of the public tries to step in as the man in white continues to hop around on the spot.

As the clip ends, the camera flips around to Isaac, who sighs: “I’m just trying to go gym fam.”

The hilarious footage was posted on Twitter by sister Joy.

She shared the clip with the caption: “Look at the embarrassing fight my brother just witnessed.”

The post, which has clocked up more than 11,000 likes, has caused amusement among social media users.

Karl Johansen wrote: “Floats like a butterfly, fights like a c***.”

@Yinka23 said: “A bloody wuss.”

@minowina1 added: “I think this is the human form of stage four ADHD.”

And one user compared the man to a video game.

@figjigvrden said: “Buddy hopping around like Eddie from Tekken”.

Speaking today, Isaac said: “I was on my way to the gym and it broke out out of nowhere.

“I don’t know what happened after, they just broke up and I went my way.”