Hilarious moment woman brings down restaurant ceiling – with an egg


HILARIOUS footage shows a woman bring down a restaurant ceiling – with an egg.

The customer was invited to play a trick at a teppanyaki restaurant which involved flipping an egg into the chef’s hat she was wearing.

30-year-old call centre worker Claire Logan managed to propel the egg straight into the ceiling, resulting in her and the chef getting showered in debris.

19-year-old Summer Sharp, from Hartlepool, County Durham, was filming the hijinks at the local Japanese restaurant, Hana Hana, where food is cooked on a hot plate in front of customers.

Summer, who works with Claire, captioned her post: “Can’t cope with Claire trying to flip and egg and bringing the full ceiling down hahahahaha.”

Claire can be seen preparing to toss a whole egg in the air using a spatula and, hopefully, catching it in her chef’s hat.

The teppanyaki chef shows her the theatrics surrounding the trick, telling her she needs to hit her spatula off the griddle before tossing the egg up.

Claire then gets counted down to perform the trick by other customers.

When the countdown ends, she tosses the egg up into the air using the spatula. Unfortunately however, she tosses it too hard.

This results in the egg exploding off the ceiling, sending egg everywhere and bringing down a section of the ceiling in the process.

The silver panel hits the griddle in front of the customers, thankfully not hitting anyone.

Claire was left mortified

Summer and other customers can be heard laughing at the situation as the video ends.

Since posting the video, the clip has gone viral. Bringing in a whopping four million views and over 300,000 likes.

@griseldanegra responded: “I laughed embarrassingly and shamefully hard at this.”

@PartyWithWolves commented: “That’s the last time that restaurant allows someone to flip an egg.”

@rawpwr99fatboy posted: “Got over egg-cited.”

@isthatmike03 said: “All it took was an egg to touch that ceiling for it to fall?!! Tf was it held by?!”

@_thatgirlmary also said: “Like how strong was that egg.”

Speaking today, Summer said: “Before the egg flip, everyone else flipped their own egg and caught it in their hats. Then Claire flipped hers missed her hat completely, hit the roof and it came down.

“After that the people who worked in Hanahana put the roof back up some how and we all carried on eating and drinking.”

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