Mum turns her one-year-old boy into real Elf on the Shelf – with hilarious results


A MUM has shared hilarious pictures showing how she has turned her one-year-old into a real life Elf on the Shelf.

Shannen McShane shared images of her one-year-old, Parker, causing mischief around the house, dressed in an elf costume.

The nursery school manager, 28, has been sharing the youngster’s antics, captioning her first post: “Elf on the Shelf is one of my fave things but Parker is a bit small for the Elfs to come.

18-month-year-old Parker, posing with the fake elf on the shelf.

“So on Sunday he became Parker the Elf for December and we’ve had the best three days already being a naughty elf.”

Since then, Shannen, from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, has been uploading the daily antics of Parker onto her Facebook.

In one picture, Parker is seen surrounded by a pile of toilet paper, much to his enjoyment.

The next images show Parker running rampage in the kitchen, discarding a box of Coco Pops on to the floor and sitting in the mess.

Parker has also made chocolate spread hand prints on the kitchen cupboards and can also be seen enjoying a big spoonful of chocolate as he continues on his month of mischief.

The duo’s latest activity involved Parker’s dad, 30-year-old David, who can be seen comfortably wrapped up in bed fast asleep.

Parker and his Mum, Shannen, decided to draw on his Dads face with a lipstick, only for him to take an allergic reaction.

With some assistance from his mum, Parker draws over his dad’s face with a red lipstick.

Parker is also caught filling up the toilet with plastic balls from his ball pit, something Shannen says he has been trying to do for the past few months.

The pictures of Parker causing chaos in his house has been well received by Shannen’s friends and family. Who think the pictures are hilarious.

Stacey Jack commented: “Aw he’s loving this naughty stuff and Mummy can’t give him into trouble when he keeps it up. So cute though.”

Maria O’Neill said: “This is amazing. He looks so pleased, wee soul.”

Pauline D’Arcy posted: “He is so chuffed being naughty. I look forward to your posts after Christmas when he will think he can continue to be naughty. Goooo Parker.”

Parked and his Mum decided to cover their kitchen cupboards in hand prints, smeared in chocolate spread.

Ainslie Ains also said: “Aww I love that idea! He’s just adorable too! Cutest elf I ever seen.”

Speaking today, Shannen said: “When I was a nursery teacher I loved doing Elf on the Shelf with the kids and knew Parker was a bit too young to understand the whole elf thing.

“So I decided to make him into an elf and do the naughty things with him.

“Parker thinks it’s hilarious most of it is things he tries to do anyway so he’s enjoying getting away with the mischief he laughs in the mirror when he has the costume on too.”

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