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The New Crafty Plus by Storz & Bickel: Better than Perfect?


Every once in a blue (-berry flavored e-liquid) moon it truly feels like for once things are really going your way.

You love your job, or at least definitely don’t hate it, you ran 20 minutes on the treadmill yesterday and didn’t embarrass yourself too badly, you managed to fold a fitted sheet properly.

Yep, life’s good. But as you smugly reach for your trusty, favorite, perfectly impeccable Storz & Bickel Crafty vaporizer to celebrate life’s simple pleasures, why, what’s this you hear over your headphones? There’s a new what, now?

As you pause and replay that last part of your favorite vaping podcast, life suddenly loses it’s varnish, colours fade and emotions dull. Alas, Storz & Bickel have gone and taken a flamethrower to the perfect tapestry of your life by name-dropping a NEW Crafty? The Crafty Plus

As you step carefully over the shards of your shattered existence, you know that only one thing will fix this yearning, this desire for something more! If, like yours truly, you need to know everything about this miracle – what new features makes it so ‘plus’, what it could possibly improve from the Crafty, and what’s included – read on, my friends, and together we will find meaning in this chaos once more.

The Crafty Plus – Who

Storz & Bickel really don’t need an introduction, this Germany brand have been dominating the dry herb/oil concentrate portable and desktop vape scene since their birth, making medical grade vaporizers renowned for innovative technologies (like vibration alarms, cooling units, Bluetooth and app control), state of the art building materials, ease of use, almost infinite lifespan, and perfect performance.

The Crafty Plus follows in a succession of vapes that have dominated their respective fields effortlessly: The original Crafty portable vape, the Volcano Hybrid and Volcano Digit. Trusted by the medical community and the general public alike, Storz & Bickel are giants in the world of vaping.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

The Crafty Plus – What

The younger brother of the original Crafty, the Crafty Plus has everything that the original Crafty is known for and more. It’s not a brand-new design, but rather an upgrade on something great. The original Crafty is the lightweight version of the Mighty, a formidable and powerful portable vape. The Crafty is a vape for both dry herb and oil, uses convection and  conduction heating, has the option for app-based temperature control, and has a battery life 20% longer than its predecessor. Easy to use, always relevant, durable, perfectly designed, smart – and it produces an excellent quality vapor. 

The box includes: the device itself, a charger, a dosing capsule, spare o-rings and screens, and charging cable. So what makes the Crafty Plus so great? Well, in true Storz & Bickel fashion, they haven’t given away all the mystery, but what we do know is:

Improved One-Button Control

Where the original Crafty only boasts 2 pre-set temperatures to choose from, the Crafty Plus has 3. So now rather than just a basic and boost pre-set temperature, the Crafty Plus gives us the ‘super-boost’, which sounds pretty great. Three clicks will kick you into super-gear which will bring the unit to its highest temperature point, 210C/410F. 

Quicker Heat-Up Time and Battery Life

The Crafty Plus will slice some time off of the original Crafty’s heat-up, racing to 180C/356F in 60 seconds flat. The speedier time is thanks to a reduced heating element. As the original Crafty could take a bit of time to reach such levels of temperature perfection, 2 minutes or more, this is a welcome improvement. The battery life, moreover, has improved and will keep you going for 7-9 sessions!

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Improved Look and Performance

The Crafty Plus has had a bit of well-placed aesthetic updates, featuring a new fin design, a more compact overall feel, and more durable materials. That’s right, your new Crafty Plus will be able to withstand weather, constant use, hard surfaces, the end of the world, you name it. It’s still just as user friendly with its one button control, perfect draw resistance, and ability to handle less than ideal grinding jobs.

Although the outer look of the device has slightly changed and adapted itself to a fresh market, the weight and dimensions remain the same. It’s just as portable and arguably even prettier to gaze at longingly.

 The Crafty Plus – Why (We need this in our lives)

As we well  know, the original Crafty is pretty spectacular in its own right, and the Crafty Plus is bold enough to attempt, and succeed at, improving upon perfection. It’s like when you discover that Sir David Attenborough is a black belt in karate (I may have taken all kinds of liberties with the truth for the sake of art here). But really, the Crafty Plus is kind of like a lesser-spotted-karate-kicking David Attenborough of Paradise. 

The original Crafty was intended to take every ounce of power and performance out of the larger Mighty and transpose it onto a smaller frame.

The same ethos of taking something world renowned and streamlining it has not faded from the Storz & Bickel mind. With it’s ‘super boost’ temperature option, it’s impressively shorter heat up time, and improved battery life, the Crafty Plus is the same plus so, so much more, and demonstrates that Storz & Bickel don’t need to scrap old models for something entirely new because they’ve already created perfection. True to their original vision of quality and innovation, the Crafty Plus exemplifies everything that the Storz & Bickel name stands for.

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