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Tips to buy flights with better prices for your trip


Are you thinking of organizing your flight itinerary? In this article we will give you all the tips you need to know to book your perfect flight. There are trips that are solved with a single flight, and others of long distance in which it is necessary to make several stops and use several airplanes to arrive at destination.

In any case, nobody wants to have the feeling of having paid more than the bill or hired something that in the end does not correspond to what you expected. Therefore, from our long travel experience, we have created this list of tips that you have to keep in mind if you are about to buy flights for an upcoming trip.

Book flights early

If you are looking for the price to be as cheap as possible, you must book as soon as possible. You may have to pay double the price if you book shortly in advance. From our experience, for intercontinental travel, you would have to book the flights at least 6 months before the date of the trip to get a very competitive price. The closer the departure date approaches, the fewer places there are and, therefore, the price is higher. Say you planned to travel to India. You should immediately allocate funds for Indian visa fees, reserve funds and of course your ticket. Don’t delay or you will pay more.

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Is it better to travel out of season?

As we have said, it seems obvious that the more demand for tickets, the more expensive the flight is, so obviously in high season prices rise. I give you a real example that we live often as it is to go from Boston to Paris, which is a city to which we fly frequently, so that you value the difference. Booking 3 months in advance in both cases, in August round trip leaves for about 1100 dollars, while in February the flight cost us 450 dollars.

This is real, but in high season there are also advantages that must be taken into account because they disappear out of season. Although the price goes up, airlines usually open routes that are only available in high season.

In practice this means that in high season you can make direct flights to some cities, while outside it you will need to stop between two flights. But there are times when the price of the flight is very high and you don’t know why, which is probably due to the fact that there is a local party or event that you may not know. That happens in the case of traveling to Japan in March, at which time the cherry blossoms take place, a national event and high season in that country during the time the flowers endure.

How to use search engines and flight comparators

The good thing about flight comparators is that they offer you a lot of options to choose from, although on certain occasions they are so many that you get disoriented. But the best thing about the comparators is the possibility of filtering the searches, so if you know how to use them well, you can find real offers. Many flight search engines give you the option (selecting only the month in which you want to travel) to look for the days when flights are cheaper. In this way they offer you the calendar of the month with the prices of the flights every day, and so you can accommodate the dates of the trip at the prices that most interest you. If you have some freedom when choosing the days, use this option because it can save you a lot of money.

Which airline to choose to travel

Keep in mind the airline you are traveling with; It is not the same to travel in low cost than in a company that is not, and in each group, with many nuances. When choosing flights, search engines with prices show the information of the airlines that operate them. Each one has its own rules, especially with regard to checked luggage or hand luggage that we can carry in the cabin. Other aspect that differentiates the different airlines is if they give you free food or snack service, which is becoming less common, except in the case of long-distance or intercontinental flights.

Finally we hope this guide can help you.

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