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The One Thing We Forget to Check in Online Money Transfer


The Philippines is for the most part considered a recently industrialized country, which has an economy in evolution. Philippines’ economy is expected to be the 5th largest in Asia.

Send Money to the Philippines online:

ACE online money transfer service is the best answer to the question how to send money to Philippines from UK. You can transfer money easily with ACE money transfer. ACE is the company that holds the trust of many customers in remittance. The sole motivation behind ACE money transfer service is to provide a simple and secure method for sending cash to the Philippines and this is actually what they do. ACE online money transfer service is the best to send money to the Philippines.

The only thing you would forget during Online Money Transfer:

You can log in to your ACE Money Transfer Service account – you’ll only need to register for one, of course – and then you can make the transfer for real, also selecting how your recipient should receive the money (in cash via pickup, or direct to a bank account) and how you want to pay.

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Make sure to not FORGET YOUR PASSWORD/ CODE of your ACE Money Transfer account as this is the most important thing you can forget while sending money through online services. The SECURITY OF YOUR MONEY and your accounts is something you can forget unintentionally and it would cause a lot of unwanted trouble for you. 

How to send money through ACE Money Transfer Service:

Sending money to Philippines from UK would be a contrastingly easy if you use ACE Money Transfer Service. It is extremely easy and a very convenient way to send your money to any country around the globe as fast as possible. Sending money through ACE Money Transfer Service would cost you low as compared to other money transfer services.

The fees with ACE Money transfer depend on:

  1. Where you’re sending from
  2. Where you’re sending to
  3. How you send Ace the money
  4. How the recipient receives the money

If you choose to use Ace Money Transfer, you’ll encounter a system that looks a lot like most money transfer services. Via ACE Money Transfer Service website, you select your destination country which is Philippines from UK, key in the amount you want to send, and then you’ll be able to see an estimate of how much money should be received, as well as what the transfer should cost you.

Why you should choose ACE Money Transfer Service:

  • Only work with reliable companies for online money transfer services like ACE a licensed money transfer company. 
  • ACE uses unparalleled precautions to keep your money and data secure.
  • Measures taken by ACE reduced the chance of fraud by 100%. It requires you to answer security questions or verify your identity. Doing so ensures the safety of your money transfers.
  • Identity verification to keep your precious money safe and transfer it to the required destination securely.
  • ACE offers a confirmation number and tracks your transfer  up until receipt.


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