Mother has reports Marks and Spencer to trading standards after a candle she purchased exploded – penetrating her TV cabinet


A MARKS and Spencer shopper has slammed the retailer after one of their candles “exploded” with such force it penetrated her wooden TV cabinet.

Michelle Ellis from Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire was horrified when her £10 Mistletoe and Fir candle shattered, sending hot glass flying across her living room.

The mum-of-two says the candle “exploded” on Monday evening, scorching the brand new £500 bespoke oak shelf it was sat on.

The mother has reported the incident to trading standards.

The candle’s glass surround shattered

Pictures show the aftermath of the incident, with the candle’s glass surround completely shattered.

Other photos show the burn mark left by the candle, and indents in Michelle’s £399 TV cabinet.

The 33-year-old took to Facebook to complain to the retailer.

She posted the photos with the caption: “I recently bought the large mistletoe and fir fragrance candle.

“Although it smells lovely, I would have preferred for it not to explode in my living room causing damage to my shelf and the TV unit below.

“Who knows what could of happened if it had caught one of my children who thankfully were in bed or even myself or husband! Or landed on my carpet!

Michelle’s TV cabinet was damaged

“It exploded with such force it has indented into the wood on the TV cabinet and burnt the shelf!”

Her post prompted concern from friends.

Lynn Cooper wrote: “Wow that’s terrible Michelle – so dangerous.

“Hope Marks and look into this and compensate you for the damage caused which could have been so much worse.”

Janet Garner added: “Have heard of this happening before (and not necessarily M&S candles). You should leave at least half an inch of wax or the glass container just gets too hot.”

However, Michelle confirmed in the comments that the candle had plenty of wax when the incident occurred.

She said: “It had a good bit of wax in it, I’d just cleaned that then thought of taking the pictures.”

In their response to Michelle, M&S said they: “Remain confident there is not a fault with the candle or the glass container”.

The candle singed the wooden shelf

They added: “It does appear that the candle has been left to burn too far” and said that an overlong wick or not enough wax can cause the candle’s glass surround to shatter.

Speaking today, she said: “All I have been offered from Marks is a £20 voucher.

“I’m not sure about the length of the wick, but there was more than 6mm of wax in there, it’s not all going to be solid as it’s burning.

“I’m more concerned about anyone else getting hurt and think my children were up 20 minutes before this happened.

“It could have easily have done it then or even if it had caught our wool rug below the TV cabinet I’m sure would have caught fire as it burnt the shelves.”


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